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Synonyms for garrote

an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation

strangle with an iron collar

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An X-ray session yesterday cast doubt on claims that an Egyptian, whose mummified head is in a Newcastle museum, had been garroted.
She stares cluelessly into space while about to be garroted, gets tied up, eats shit (literally), and is slammed against a wall, while words like SLIT are superimposed upon her person.
LEADING art expert Christopher Montague is found garroted in his study and investigator Lord Francis Powerscourt learns that the dead man had been about to shock the art world with claims about fakes and forgeries in London galleries.
This meditation is done through the characterization of the male protagonist and narrator recently garroted by the government.
If it was my children, I would have garroted him with his own intestines - I never would have thought I would end up in court having to pay compensation.
even in Corsica where the repeated call of the lighthouse throbbed like a piston, and the thin whine of an engine garroted the quiet, and I stood good as a flower in my pastel shirtwaist, poked and nuzzled by my date, and listened to the mixing, like a cocktail, of the water and earth, the cool gargle, the slushy breathing of the surf, and wished I were somewhere else