garrison cap

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a wedge-shaped wool or cotton cap


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And we kids treasured all the trappings and souvenirs that we were allowed to play with: forage caps, garrison caps (my favorite), canteens, jackets, G.
In Japan, enlisted men turned in field clothing and received summer or winter khaki cotton uniforms M-1950 garrison caps jackets (without cuffs) and wool trousers, and khaki poplin shirts and OD neckties to wear with their combat service boots.
Contract award: supply of uniforms and equip items (hats garrison, covers white on garrison caps, balaclavas, sweaters, scarves, gala ropes, signs, cufflinks).
Petty officers will wear large silver anodized metal rank insignia on their garrison caps.
Haire was one of many elderly Korean War veterans who sat in the audience or behind the lectern in veterans group uniforms, thin gray hair poking out from beneath their colorful garrison caps.
I could see the rows upon rows of pieces of material being put together becoming various sizes of American flags for the Veteran's Administration and garrison caps for the Air Force and Marines.
WASHINGTON - They came in garrison caps and baseball hats bearing the names of their units.