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Synonyms for garotte

an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation

strangle with an iron collar

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For instance in 1888 the investigative journalist, James Greenwood, interviewed a former garotter in his book, Policeman's Lantern: Strange Stories of London Life while the American writer William D.
Holland's subsequent article in the Cornhill Magazine told how garotters hunted nightly in groups of three: the 'first stall' walks in front of the victim and indicates that the road ahead is clear.
Consequently, the press alleged that garotters were like 'street Bedouins [who] lurk[ed] in the highways', 'specimens of the true Bengal breed' of tiger and 'metropolitan and provincial Thugs' intent on waging a 'predatory war against society'.
The outcry against the garotters was taken up by every London paper, and diffused into the provincial press.
If the Mohocks, the London Monster and the Garotters are forgotten today, the Jack the Ripper mass hysteria has never died down.