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Synonyms for garrotte

an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation

strangle with an iron collar

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Those of us who are pensioners or disabled, and who have managed to struggle up the pedestrianised areas to Broadgate, will in future be faced with negotiating what appear to be paving stones, slippery with water from the fountains and obscured by dry ice - that is if we haven't already tripped over scores of garotted and stunned pigeons, or had to dodge panicky birds unable to negotiate the electrified wires.
Reminded him that, only weeks ago, he was calling for manager to be garotted in the centre circle.
As for the Dutch and Flemish illustrators: indeed, they had not been on the spot, and if they had, they would have been garotted by the Spaniards, as they garotted all Protestant sailors during the next two centuries who ventured in that part of the world given to them by the Pope.
Gazumped, garotted by red tape and growling with rage he might be, but determined Wolverhampton Wanderers manager Dave Jones may still have eased his side's short-term goalkeeping problem.
CRAIG TRANTER DIED AGED 13ANNE-MARIE DIED AGED 16SARAH-JANE DIED AGED 17STEPFATHER Lee Ford garotted his wife Lesley Tranter and four stepchildren last August when his wife discovered he was having sex with her daughter Sarah-Jane and threatened to walk out.
Millions of TV fans have watched in awe as he's been pummelled in powerball, garotted in the gauntlet and pounded with pugil sticks.
Now I couldn't be more in favour if it carried a guarantee that every faded celebrity standing in a high-profile marginal would be garotted if they lost their deposit.
Like 'at least the Australians have the courage of their convictions' and 'we should have garotted all the cricketers rather than transporting them'.