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Synonyms for garrotte

an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation

strangle with an iron collar

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as for a revolver, which has been suggested, we are free to acknowledge that the danger of being garotted, if it were assured to us, would loom less to us than that which we should anticipate from walking about with a loaded pistol in our own pockets.
Now I couldn't be more in favour if it carried a guarantee that every faded celebrity standing in a high-profile marginal would be garotted if they lost their deposit.
CRAIG TRANTER DIED AGED 13ANNE-MARIE DIED AGED 16SARAH-JANE DIED AGED 17STEPFATHER Lee Ford garotted his wife Lesley Tranter and four stepchildren last August when his wife discovered he was having sex with her daughter Sarah-Jane and threatened to walk out.
Like 'at least the Australians have the courage of their convictions' and 'we should have garotted all the cricketers rather than transporting them'.
A top Embassy official admitted he was "deeply upset" after reading in the Sunday People of the barbaric treatment of Sarajevo's strays who, on capture, are garotted with wire and bludgeoned to death.
But from now on, even if he goes in and is shot, stabbed, garotted, chopped into bite-sized cubes and fed to hyenas, every defender in the world will expect the poor guy to plead their case with the ref.
On December 21st, 1934, Andres Aranda Ortiz, a twenty-year old anarchist, was garotted in Barcelona prison.
Banaz was garotted at her dad's home in Mitcham, South London, after falling for Iranian lover Rahmat Sulemani.
It was on the same ward he was almost garotted by another inmate 13 months ago.
Banaz, 20, was raped, tortured and garotted at her parents' home in Mitcham, South London.
Maudsley was jailed for life in 1974 after he garotted a labourer.
The attacker, dubbed The Strangler, garotted his victims with a length of washing line or flex to make them unconscious before assaulting them.