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Synonyms for garotte

an instrument of execution for execution by strangulation

strangle with an iron collar

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In the meantime, guards found a homemade garotte in the subject's cell, and prosecutors filed a felony charge of weapon possession while in prison.
I didn't know whether to hug him or garotte the little so-and-so.
bar or a bat + baron or a bat + car or a cat + carob or a cat + "Carol" or a "Cat" + gar or a gat + mar or a mat + bagel, or, Oleg, a bat + garotte, Lett, or a gat + reticular or a Lucite rat + banana baron or a banana bat + rug gizmo or a giga-room ziggurat +
A pipe, with space below the tobacco bowl to hide messages, shoelaces that contained razor wire and could be used as a garotte, and miniature cameras, years ahead of their time, that could take 50 images.
61, whose divine help was petitioned to ward off the Romans, whose recent victory nearby had severed the gold trade route; (5) He had been sacrificed to three Celtic gods, whose Teutonic names survive in Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: to Teutates, the god of the tribe, by drowning; to Wodin, the war god, by strangulation with a three-knotted garotte, while his jugular was lanced and his blood collected in a bowl; and to Thor, the thunder god, by three blows to the head.
It's the ultimate lottery winner's off-roader, drives like a limo, would be great for ram- raiding, and can do everything you want-including make the tea, garotte the tax man and deport the wife.
Watching the man in the row in front of me delay the drinks trolley for five minutes as he argued the toss about sandwich fillings and wine temperature I felt the urge to place piano wire around his neck and garotte him, Godfather-style.