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Dans le premier cas la preparation de la pizza a en effet ete segmentee en differentes operations techniques confiees a des acteurs differents (recours a des centrales d'achat pour les garnitures, surgelation prealable de la pate etalee et disposee dans des moules, utilisation de fours a infra rouges), transformant le mets en concept industrialise et en produit << standardisable >>.
Sandwiches may have many toppings, garnitures, sides, dips, and accompaniments served with them or aside them.
These clocks are not as uncommon as one would believe and they turn up in the sale room at least once a week in various colours and finishes, but this example is incomplete, it should have what are termed as garnitures.
His famous appetizer Tramonto's Caviar Staircase is constructed on the plate to amuse and delight, and served with garnitures that climb the stairs.
Other items here include the Rose-Diamond Garniture, the "Moor" sculpture adorned with breathtaking emeralds, and other selected garnitures of ruby, sapphire, and emerald.
Explain means of enhancing a display using garnitures
Designs for the marvellous bowls, teapots, jelly moulds, garnitures, for the chimney piece, and so on, were in white bas-relief and set upon green or blue jasper ware looked back to the classical period which in Wedgwood's day was revealing itself in Rome, as archaeologists uncovered the past.
As well might the exquisite classic statue be arrayed in corsets, manches en gigot, garnitures en tulle, &c.
Les garnitures de dentelles, /les broches de diamants, / les bracelets a medaillon /frissonnaient aux corsages, /scintillaient aux poitrines, / bruissaient sur les bras nus.
Flauntit, but 'tis not Beauty or Wit that takes now adayes; the Age is alter'd since I took upon me this Gentile Occupation, but 'tis a fine Petticoat, right Points, and clean Garnitures, that does me credit, and takes the Gallant, tho' on a stale Woman, And again, Mrs.
The quilted petticoat that covers the hoop is cut up and redistributed according to Bickerstaff's orders, which include, in addition to some charitable projects, designs for his own "Stomachers, Caps, Facings of |his~ Wastcoat-Sleeves, and other Garnitures suitable to |his~ Age and Quality.
Ce nouveau concept, le couscous bar, qui connait deja beaucoup de succes, est un buffet oo le lient choisit les garnitures de son couscous et personnalise lui-meme son plat.
Cut Components & Garnitures Will Be Supplied By The Factory.