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In the miscellanea section an elegant French marble and ormolu clock garniture realised PS1,000, a 12in bronze model of Napoleon on horseback, PS600, a ladies leather travel case by Finnigans of New Bond Street complete with silver accessories, PS480, and a pair of pocket percussion pistols by Westwood of London, PS420.
This singular garniture was taken (I am told) from a great Turkish nobleman at the battle of Podhajce.
The dense forest, with its luxuriant garniture, is varied here and there by park-like slopes, thinly sprinkled with ancient oaks .
He is rescued from it, we know not how--by nothing less than miracle--by a celestial majesty and beauty, and some quality of which these are the outward garniture.
Barberry fruits are used as a garniture in Persian food and in preparing juices, flake, honey, sauces, jellies, carbonated drinks, candy, food color powder, jam, marmalade, chocolates, and fruit nectars [3].
Among the lots are two pairs of George III cut-glass decanters from the latter half of the 18th century; a pair of Italian neoclassical blue and white-painted and carved console tables from circa 1780; and a Dutch Delft blue and white garniture of five vases and covers from circa 1723-43.
Mais la betterave sert aussi en garniture pour les plats de viandes, notamment de gibiers, a poils ou a plumes.
There are souvenirs from war-torn countries, a chimney garniture,
Armadni kruhy zustanou u moci, lze vsak ocekavat navrat ke korenum sunnitskeho islamu i v Syrske arabske republice, kde navic neni vetsina vericich dle konfesniho klice pocetneji zastoupena ve vladni garniture ani ve vyssich patrech politiky na narodni urovni.
Training on the consistent execution of drink garniture, of course, is critical to customer satisfaction and repeat business.
Rosemary said: "Probably my favourite would be the roast fillet of beef [sz] la provenale, which is a fillet of beef roasted on the spit with a garniture of provenale tomatoes stuffed with a mushroom farce with the whole dish garnished with hatelets of truffles, mushrooms and crayfish.
Serve at room temperature as a dip or spread, or as a warm garniture for lamb.
Chicken in red wine sauce with a garniture of mashed potatoes, boiled beans and carrots.