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Barberry fruits are used as a garniture in Persian food and in preparing juices, flake, honey, sauces, jellies, carbonated drinks, candy, food color powder, jam, marmalade, chocolates, and fruit nectars [3].
Among the lots are two pairs of George III cut-glass decanters from the latter half of the 18th century; a pair of Italian neoclassical blue and white-painted and carved console tables from circa 1780; and a Dutch Delft blue and white garniture of five vases and covers from circa 1723-43.
Mais la betterave sert aussi en garniture pour les plats de viandes, notamment de gibiers, a poils ou a plumes.
There are souvenirs from war-torn countries, a chimney garniture,
Armadni kruhy zustanou u moci, lze vsak ocekavat navrat ke korenum sunnitskeho islamu i v Syrske arabske republice, kde navic neni vetsina vericich dle konfesniho klice pocetneji zastoupena ve vladni garniture ani ve vyssich patrech politiky na narodni urovni.
Training on the consistent execution of drink garniture, of course, is critical to customer satisfaction and repeat business.
Rosemary said: "Probably my favourite would be the roast fillet of beef [sz] la provenale, which is a fillet of beef roasted on the spit with a garniture of provenale tomatoes stuffed with a mushroom farce with the whole dish garnished with hatelets of truffles, mushrooms and crayfish.
Serve at room temperature as a dip or spread, or as a warm garniture for lamb.
Chicken in red wine sauce with a garniture of mashed potatoes, boiled beans and carrots.
The Sevres porcelain factory, founded in the town of Vincennes in 1740, produced porcelain fit for kings ie: beautifully decorated dinner services, urns, bowl, vases, including panels for clocks (shown here) - an ormolu garniture comprising clock and pair of three branch fan light candelabra sold for pounds 2,600 at auction.
Les premiers changements appliques sur la pizza vont porter sur les saveurs dominantes : aux Etats-Unis, de garniture possible, le fromage va devenir garniture structurante.
The ROM's anime is assumed to be the core part of what is called a small garniture, an armour with pieces that can be added or detached to produce various configurations for different purposes.
Embellished with Dore bronze garniture and marquetry, it bears the signature of Francois Linke (1855-1946),considered the leading cabinetmaker of the Belle Epoque era--the glittering age of French society
Empoisonneuse, la mayonnaise a encore frappE[umlaut], cette fois Ea Madaba, sous la forme de garniture d'un plat de shawerma.