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Synonyms for garnishee

a wage earner who is served with a garnishment

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take a debtor's wages on legal orders, such as for child support

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applied to garnishees, requires some interpretation.
applies only if, on the day of service, the garnishee possessed debtor
The Employee Health and Wellness Practitioners and Human Resources employees will receive training in the Debt Counselling Process and Understanding Garnishees.
A garnishee task team, driven by the Office of the Premier and the KZNFLA, will implement strategies to deal with existing garnishees and debt counselling, abuse of garnishees and fraudulent garnishees, and ways of preventing indebtedness and garnishee orders.
Alternatively, AME argued that any stop payment duty applied only to banks and thus was not applicable to AME as a nonbank garnishee.
Furthermore, because attorneys and their trust accounts are subject to the same provisions of the garnishment statute as any other bank or nonbank garnishee, we cannot discern a principled basis for holding that funds located in an attorney's trust account warrant any greater protection from creditors than funds located in the client's personal account," the court said.
The situs of a garnishee is the situs for determining whether
Nevertheless CMS Nomeco, an innocent garnishee, found itself in the
Currently, enforcement procedures include attachments similar to a garnishee upon a payor's income or various bank accounts.
The best solution to getting out of debt and avoiding these garnishees is Consumer Credit Counseling Service.
If the courts were to hang a few garnishees for their bad faith, it might discourage bad faith games and increase the efficiency of debt collection.
586) The judgment creditor had domesticated a federal judgment from Massachusetts and had served restraining notices on the debtor and on various garnishees in New York.
In due course, we will consider, then, whether Cruz III overrules Capitol Records, inviting garnishees to file false reports free of tort liability.
Some years before, the investors established an additional LLC--not one of the twenty-three garnishees just mentioned--to acquire a hotel in Chicago.
Although unprecedented, the Court had previously permitted such action under CPLR 5225(a) when New York had personal jurisdiction over the judgment debtor, and here, by simple extension holds that "the principle that a New York court may issue a judgment ordering the turnover of out-of-state assets is not limited to judgment debtors, but applies equally to garnishees.