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Synonyms for garnishee

a wage earner who is served with a garnishment

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take a debtor's wages on legal orders, such as for child support

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In Chapter 13, debtors pay off their debt under a stringent schedule, and typically their wages are garnisheed well into the future.
In one case, undocumented workers had been bought from smugglers and kept under armed watch, their wages garnisheed to pay for their housing and other "debts.
NSA: We get calls periodically that a levy is about to happen or wages garnisheed and the practitioner calls the IRS but, for whatever reason, cannot make contact with the IRS agent or supervisor.
Local county officials are also deeply angry that evidently up to half of their salaries will be garnisheed to pay for the expensive ultrasound equipment.
parent-run schools in the trust of the Christian Brothers are now in danger of being garnisheed.
AT&T, MCI, LDDS Communications, IDB Communications Group, and WilTel are awaiting a decision by Miami Judge James Lawrence King on whether the money may be garnisheed in partial payment for a US$187 million judgment against Cuba for the 1996 downing of Hermanos al Rescate airplanes (see NotiSur, 1996-03-15, EcoCentral, 1998-11-05).
State inmate workers earn $6-8 an hour, and their wages are garnisheed for room, board, and restitution.