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Synonyms for garnishee

a wage earner who is served with a garnishment

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take a debtor's wages on legal orders, such as for child support

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A garnishee order is passed by an executing court directing or ordering a garnishee not to pay money to judgment debtor since the latter is indebted to the garnisher (decree holder).
It provides for judicial oversight before a garnishee order is made where, amongst other things, the debtors financial position is taken into account and court proceedings should also be either where the debtor reside or work, he said.
The Court of Appeal further held that service should have been effected on Nauru before registration of the foreign judgment and that Nauru's accounts were immune from execution by Firebird's garnishee order.
in such garnishee statements gave rise to an action in tort for damages.
In Lumber & Sawmill Workers' Union, Local 2537 and KVP Co Ltd, (15) the founding case in this area, the arbitration board held that the employer policy of discharging an employee who was subject to more than one garnishee order was unreasonable.
President Clinton, for example, signed a law that made it even harder to discharge federal student loans through bankruptcy and allowed the Education Department to tap into a federal database--originally designed to enforce child support payments--to track down and garnishee the wages of those who defaulted on student loans.
119) Walker also moved for a temporary restraining order to prevent the garnishee from making any payments to either ROC or ROC's national oil company.
The Interim Rule includes a safe harbor for banks that comply with it in good faith, (188) intended primarily to prevent creditors from using state law remedies to force garnishee banks to freeze and turn over exempt funds.
He considered himself to have been wronged by a furniture store when a garnishee order had been placed on his bank account at significant cost for allegedly missing a monthly repayment.
The Garnishee Act, (81) however, provides a statutory exemption for wages due to the judgment debtor for his or her personal labour and services on a hiring.
38) A year later, being chased for a bad debt, Bonnefin claimed to live outside Australia (39) and by April 1857, as his garnishee, Didier advertised Coorabel with its 'spacious verandah and .
The most surprising revelation was that Radhika, who owns 35 per cent of the company, had a garnishee notice lodged against her Burrup stake last month over a tax debt of approximately 140 million dollars.
2004) (a foreign state's interest was located in the United States because the garnishee was located here), but see FG Hemisphere Assocs.
Following the hearing, the Supreme Court authorized the Sheriff to serve the order on the defendant as garnishee for the defendants' interests in the out-of-state entities and as apparent manager of the entities.
She also noted that "because attorneys and their trust accounts are subject to the same provisions of the garnishment statute as any other bank or nonbank garnishee, we cannot discern a principled basis for holding that funds located in an attorney's trust account warrant any greater protection from creditors than funds located in the client's personal account.