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any of a group of hard glassy minerals (silicates of various metals) used as gemstones and as an abrasive

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Staff members at Garnet Volkswagen say area-drivers enjoy the convenience of finding service coupons because they can often make expensive maintenance more affordable.
The global demand for gem and jewelry will be key driving factors for the garnet market.
The company has assayed about 50 per cent of the garnet deposit so far, and has determined the lifetime of the open-pit quarry would be in excess of 100 years at current rates of extraction.
Developed and manufactured in Brazil, Elster's Garnet solution allows utilities to deploy up to 12 single-phase electric Smart Meters in one unit, which is typically installed on the top of an electric transformer pole to prevent unauthorized access to the equipment.
Dave Warmund, vice president, Trepp said AZ Garnet is ranked among the most well-regarded loan sale advisors in the nation, representing a who's who of banks, insurance companies, realty finance firms and special servicers.
The silver brooch in the picture is set with an almandine garnet cut en cabochon.
Garnet is a stone of vital power and energy, and lends vitality and strength.
Trish Dolman produced Flower & Garnet, and although their initial meeting in 1995 was ill-fated (Behrman says she stood him up; Dolman claims he had the wrong day), they've been working closely ever since.
Under terms of the agreement, Garnet has licensed the Meetinghouse 802.
We've created the new ad with discovery in mind, inviting the consumer into the Garnet Point winemakers' personal notebook," said brand manager Arthur Miller.
The new ultra-precise MQ Garnet 300 laser ellipsometer/reflectometer measures thickness, refractive indices, absorption coefficients and reflectivity of transparent and absorbing films.
X-ray composition maps and profiles for major, minor, and trace elements have been made for four calcic metapelitic garnet grains from the Grenville Province of western Labrador, using electron microprobe and laser ablation ICPMS.
Rampage - This is a junior-minded store for smaller sizes, but you'll find the hipster version of the ball-gown skirt in crinkled organza in the top three colors of gunmetal, garnet and white.
In 1843 a convention of black leaders was held in Buffalo, New York, where Garnet delivered a paper that has come to be known as Garnet's Address to the Slaves of the United States, in which he enjoined enslaved persons to rise up against their masters and deliver an irresistible stroke for freedom.
The specks are oriented along specific planes, indicating the mineral was once dissolved in the garnet under extreme pressure but has since come out of solution, they report in the May 25 SCIENCE.