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makers and sellers of fashionable clothing

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In order to reap maximum benefits from the GSP+ status, the garment industry of the country must produce international standard goods and industrialists operating in the apparel sector, should start programs to employ youth in the sector.
This common compliance code will not only give the opportunity for the industry to negate international claims against child labour promotion in the garment industry, but will also help to improve the image of the industry and win more international businesses," AEPC chairman Premal Udani said at a press conference.
They provide an overview of the global garment industry and its changing face, the process of organizing and networking in support of garment workers (and why it is important to research subcontracting chains), the methodology of action research, developing analyses of supply chains and workers' lives, and sample studies such as the implications of garment industry subcontracting for UK workers, the impact of full- package production in Mexico.
We believe their new, expanded location at 149 West 36th Street will enhance ATI's service to the New York Garment Industry.
In addition, there are an estimated 30,000 workers in the underground garment industry.
Through her examination of the discourse, structures, and labour-management relations associated with the Canadian garment industry, Steedman provides us with valuable insights into power relations in the workplace, and the dynamics of male hegemony.
Output 1:Skills developed and employment generated for youth, particularly women, in the garment industry.
Indian domestic readymade garment industry will double within 5 years due to economic prosperity, simplified government policy, growth in fashion orientation, brand awareness and consumer expectations.
After working in the garment industry upon graduation, in only two years has established herself as both a public access television star and standout mortgage broker.
First runner up to Bess Myerson (who eventually was crowned Miss America) in the 1942 New York State Beauty Pageant, Bernice is a leggy beauty who works as a figure model in New York's garment industry when she isn't ``trolling the single bars'' in search of her next husband.
The output of textile and garment industry dropped by almost 40% in the first half of 2009.
1) Although women's work in the garment industry began long before it was defined as a "problem," as Coffin shows in her opening chapters on guilds and clandestine production in the eighteenth century, it was the image of the working woman as victim that prevailed and allowed passage of the minimum wage legislation of 1915 that marks the end of her tale.
Kaing Monika, deputy secretary-general of GMAC, said on Wednesday that issues related to the crackdown would have significant negative effects on the garment industry if they were not resolved 'within this week'.