garment bag

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a suitcase that unfolds to be hung up

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Concerns a framework agreement of 4 years for the supply of toilet bags and garment bags.
When I don't have a garment bag handy, that's precisely how I treat all my gear in the field: roll up the windows, lay all my gear (pack, shooting glove, clothes, hat, boots, bow) out on the seats and turn the unit on to "wash" it free of smell.
The company has developed a standard wheeled suitcase, which carries items such as shoes, underwear and toiletries in the conventional way, while large clothing goes into a detachable garment bag that clips onto and wraps around the outside of the suitcase.
Miss Rundle said: "The fact is she brought her own burglary tools - scissors, a garment bag and, most crucially, a plastic bag filled with tissue paper.
She brought scissors to cut off security tags, a huge, heavy, garment bag to drape over the items and a plastic bag filled with tissue paper, which was used to wrap up the stolen items.
For Frank, this happens when he unzips a writhing garment bag in his trunk and finds a babe (Shu Qi).
It comes, like a sleeping beauty, with its own soft vitrine in the form of a clear vinyl garment bag.
In the backseat of the car, a portable stereo rests precariously next to a crumpled plastic garment bag which protects the one extravagance in Robinson's life: the liturgical robes of his Unitarian faith, a black pulpit gown and light blue stole.
After browsing for two hours, the 'Jerry Maguire' star then left with a garment bag.
A suit garment bag combines breathable cotton canvas with clear vinyl for quick viewing.
Did it really matter that Carter's garment bag was empty?
This wonder on wheels has a garment bag hanger so that it can be secured to a locker or the fence surrounding the court.
SkyRoll features a hollow cylinder with a detachable garment bag that wraps around the outside of the cylinder, and can be viewed at http://www.
Each kit comes complete with two top-of-the-range, hard Delsey suitcases with matching beauty case and garment bag, a sun parasol, a cool box and a fun camera to capture every sunny moment.
Making the plastic sleeve for the new rootball is a bit tricky The one pictured is a double thickness of dry-cleaner's garment bag.