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bulbous herb of southern Europe widely naturalized

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Lots of people perceive garlic as just garlic," said Really Garlicky managing director Glen Allingham.
9] A marrowless version sanitized of pointed meaning and significance that is fit only for pallid minds, a watery substitute for the real thing -- a wolf merely scalded, not the main ingredient of a garlicky wolf-stew.
Another fleeting wonder is an equally garlicky wild plant, alliaria petiolata, or garlic mustard.
My dad used to get on everyone's nerves breathing his garlicky breath.
A creamy, garlicky dipping sauce also comes with some items.
More than half cannot make a Caesar salad (Romaine lettuce in a garlicky, eggy dressing) and 63 per cent are unable to conjure up a Greek salad (tomatoes, feta cheese, cucumber and olives).
Grilled, garlicky shrimp on skewers, marinated tri-tip, a luscious blueberry-peach tart--who wouldn't love the job?
As pictured below, try mixing gently cooked peas, baby broad beans and asparagus, served with fresh dill and topped with herby, garlicky RoulA cream cheese.
450g good quality, coarse garlicky sausages such as Toulouse
But the babies seemed to prefer the garlicky milk, remaining attached to the breast for longer periods after their mothers took the capsules.
We'll drink a good sparkling wine with just about anything, but this excellent cava will pair particularly well with seafood dishes like paella, mussels steamed in white wine and herbs or garlicky pan-sauteed shrimp.
Scapes- or garlic shoots--are only grown in the UK in Scotland by the Really Garlicky Company, but they are not currently stocked by the multiples as they are seen as confusing to consumers.
And if you're as tired of everyday, overdone fried calamari as I am, try Bamboom's calamari trio ($11) of a mini calamari steak with a garlicky green salsa, baby calamari sauteed in a relatively mild white wine and chile sauce, and fluffy, tempura-style battered calamari with a sweet dipping sauce.
He records his answer phone message in a garlicky French accent (for his own personal amusement).
Try the spinach pie, which is topped with a brilliant green layer of garlicky, uncooked greens.