garlic press

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a press for extracting juice from garlic

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Zyliss' nonstick garlic press caught the eye of Stan Butterfield, owner of Butterfield's, a specialty chain.
The initial collection includes a food grater, chopper, oil mister and garlic press that emphasize form, function and design.
A YOUNG man who nipped one of his partner's breasts with a garlic press was jailed for six months yesterday.
Getting rid of my miserable garlic press that had only been used once, I understood why Anthony Bourdain, chef and author, called it an "abomination" and connected with his suspicion of the viscid juice that resulted to present us garlic-press owners with something he insists "ain't garlic".
Then there's the garlic press which only has one use, that being pressing garlic through tiny holes that you can't get out and if you do your hands stink for a week - get rid.
Both Husband and Daughter are now well trained to look at me with derision when I think of buying a really amazing garlic press, or something similar.
Using a sterile garlic press, obtain ~5 g of smashed garlic, and then add sterile distilled water in the same proportion (1:1).
When a woman asked for the recipe, Zook stacked a head of garlic and a metal garlic press on top of a container of cream cheese.
Or (explaining) how to put your philandering husband's testicles through a garlic press.
Press the garlic through a garlic press, mix with tomatoes, spring onions and green beans.
Kids can build an edible log cabin with an apple corer, make a strawberry taste like orange juice with a marinade injector, write secret messages in a lemon juice based invisible ink and the use of a citrus squeezer, make a jelly bean nest with a garlic press, and so much more
Other items include door knobs, key distinguishers, a serving tray, garlic press, flask, knives and peelers.
95, except for the four-in-one garlic press, to be released next year, which will retail for $29.
Garlic which has been through a garlic press is 10 times stronger than garlic which has been chopped with a knife.
o For the best taste, crush garlic in a garlic press.