garlic bread

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French or Italian bread sliced and spread with garlic butter then crisped in the oven

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Standard with every box is a medium Sicilian Pan Pizza with toppings of choice accompanied by cheese-topped garlic bread (four pieces).
We were waiting on him ordering garlic bread and it was brilliant when he did.
Thinly sliced soft mushrooms bathed in a warm and fiery garlic and cream sauce, mopped up by the garlic bread.
The unwanted garlic bread, however, looked unappetising as it was burnt on the edge and the chips weren't spicy.
46 menu -- and the restaurant's famed garlic bread at only 60 cents per order.
Chee-Zee Bread, the company's version of frozen garlic bread, has previously been packaged in corrugated and marketed through the Joe Corbi's fundraising programs, but the company is now branching into the retail space and has chosen to package the new retail product in 100 percent recycled paperboard.
A very good garlic bread that you might not want to share.
Making a loaf of hot, crusty garlic bread, calzone, Cajun cheese buns, herb frittata and a host of other in-store baked goods just got easier.
Its Dempster's Home Bakery line of par-baked and frozen bread includes: White Baguettes, Multi-grain Baguettes, Deluxe Dinner Rolls, Garlic Bread, Garlic Bread with Cheese, Garlic Bread Slices, and Soft Garlic Breadsticks.
La Fornaia has launched a new premium garlic bread range for the retail sector.
La Fornaia, supplier of quality, handcrafted speciality breads, has launched a new premium garlic bread range, extending its existing portfolio and adding value to the 100million [pounds sterling] speciality bread category.
The ultimate garlic experience but without the unhealthy butter you normally get in garlic bread.
Garlic bread is the future, I know because I've tasted it.
VEGETARIAN: Husman's nacho chips, garlic bread, cheese garlic bread, French fries, cheese fries, spaghetti with cheese/ onions/beans, cheese buns with spaghetti/mustard/onions/ beans
The sweetness of the sauce compliments the ingredients perfectly and the warm, fresh-from-your-oven garlic bread is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.