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bulbous herb of southern Europe widely naturalized

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We then waited whilst Lucy made her toilet for the night, and when she was in bed he came and himself fixed the wreath of garlic round her neck.
When he came to the last tree he took the garlic and rubbed himself all over carefully, and the dholes yelled with scorn.
There was not a sting upon him, for the smell of the garlic had checked the Little People for just the few seconds that he was among them.
The latter seemed to have resigned himself; he drew the corks, and partook largely of the fish with the garlic and fat.
GARLIC could ward off hospital superbugs, a study has revealed.
This is a new version of their garlic beer, this new version uses 'Black Garlic' which is heat-aged for a month to create a sweeter type of garlic.
Senator Cynthia Villar gave the head of the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) a dressing down for the agency's failure to stop the resurgence of garlic cartels, which are believed responsible for the rising prices of garlic in the market.
Add garlic to your daily meals to control your blood pressure.
WE ALL love a bit of garlic bread or tasty meals infused with its flavour, so what about growing your own?
Growing Conditions Garlic needs to be grown in an open, sunny site with fertile, well-dug soil, so that the bulbs get the warmth they need to ripen.
Garlic grow and pest We asked the Royal Horticultural Society for some tips on how to grow garlic.
For ages, garlic has been revered as food and medicine and, occasionally, for magical properties.
WAL W ES' first home-grown garlic bread has been created on Anglesey.
The Samahang Industriya ng Agrikultura (SINAG) has expressed its delight over the move to levy fine on the garlic hoarders, who are held responsible for last year s garlic price hike and at the same time requested support from the countrymen concerning locally produced garlic and other agriculture goods.
Garlic traders who have pushed prices of this main cooking ingredient to "very high" levels of P200 to P300 per kilo should be charged with profiteering to prevent a recurrence of the opportunistic practice.