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tall coarse perennial American herb having small white flowers followed by blackish-red berries on long drooping racemes

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Ivan Whittaker was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Vivian Nicholson was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal and Bill Garget the Distinguished Service Order.
The garget was the joint forces, he said and added the forces remained unhurt, but only the attacker was perished by blast.
One form of garget is chronic and "catching," and if you get that into your herd, the only cure is to sell off the affected cows.
Mirror Money reader Neil Garget, a 36-year-old steel fabricator, has just paid pounds 84 for an annual travel policy from Primary Direct, to cover himself, his wife Dawn, 35, and sons Adam, eight, Liam, six, and four-year-old Ben.
Among the crews was Flight Lieutenant Francis Bill Garget, a wireless operator.
Flight Lieutenant Francis, Bill, Garget flew with 617 Squadron, immortalised in the film The Dambusters.
T Ross landed 10, A Ross netted six and A Carle, J Walker and J Garget had four apiece.
The new security garget represents an optimal way to inform and alert the operations room of any attempts of theft or criminal assault on a house and enables the competent police teams to handle the incident as soon as possible after determining the location," said Al Marzouqi.
About Karachi action' Khan said during the last four days' Rangers carried out 74 targeted raids arresting 158 criminals involved in garget killing' extortion' kidnapping for ransom and terrorism and also recovered 111 weapons from pistols to Klashnikovs besides 1862 pieces of ammunition.