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small Eurasian teal

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We also thank the Zoo of Lunaret (Montpellier, France) for allowing us to test the harness-attached transmitter on captive garganeys.
The garganey (Anas querquedula) is the most numerous duck migrating between Eurasia and Africa: [approximately equal to] 2 million gather in the wetlands of Western Africa every northern winter (3).
During spring migration from Nigeria to Russia, the garganey stopped several days in wetlands situated close to areas of past outbreaks in the Danube delta (4 days at a distance of 1-4 km from October 2005 outbreaks) and Lake Kus, Turkey (8 days at a distance of 10-30 km from October 2005 outbreaks).
Closer to home, on April 7, the same winds brought a male garganey to Kenfig Pool.
A teal-sized duck, garganey is another easy-to-identify species.
Garganeys are present in small numbers in September and February-March, but from an airplane they cannot be distinguished from common teals.
The pattern is different if one considers solely ducks, as only 3 duck species fly south to tropical Africa, namely, the northern pintail (Anas acuta), the garganey, and the northern shoveler (Anas clypeata).
Garganeys were at Llyn Maelog and Penrhyndeudraeth while two Little Gulls were at Llyn Trawsfynydd.
Elsewhere, two garganeys are in a flooded field along the road to South Stack; others graced the new Llyn Fens near Nefyn and Aberdysynni's Broad Water.
Garganeys, our only summering duck, were at Greenfield and RSPB Malltraeth Marsh, and the first Wood Warbler was on Bardsey.
Ospreys were not the only migrants slow to arrive, but the last week has seen the first Swallow and Sand Martins at RSPB Conwy, along with a pair of Garganeys briefly and several Little Ringed Plovers too.