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primitive predaceous North American fish covered with hard scales and having long jaws with needlelike teeth

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Fish size was estimated from the vertebrae or otolith length (Table S1); b) the average weight of the garfish was estimated to be approximately 120 g (comparative collection).
Four garfish, two plaice and a gurnard put Ivor Smith in second place with 1.
It is snorkelling that gets me close and personal with ocean life: a garfish against my mask; the background static of parrot fish crunching on coral, leaving tomorrow's beach sand trailing behind; a green turtle flying through the blue.
The first occupant was fittingly the village's co-founder Gary Cadey, whose businesses Garfish Export and North Sea Fish moved into a new 4,000 square foot unit.
Use fork to plate linguine as shown Garfish with roe and fennel
Darcy Stacom, Bill Shanahan and Paul Leibowitz of CBRE's Investment Properties Group, along with Robert Garfish, of the firm's Private Client Group, represented the seller, APF Properties.
Barry's research has involved the lungfish, or salamander, and garfish.
The lake houses more than 10 kinds of fish, including garfish, eel, cod, muskellunge, halibut, striped bass and shrimps.
Watching Hugh and his chums land mackerel and pollock and garfish, I can't imagine any anglers (who this series is squarely aimed at) slapping their foreheads in surprise and gasping: "You mean you can actually eat those things?
Examples of such dances include the Garfish Dance, the Mosquito Dance, and the Duck Dance.
Fish that are commonly caught by women at Warraber include Blue Tuskfish (bila), garfish (mathakoi; zaber), Black-Spot Seaperch (tanik), Honeycomb Cod (takam), Smudgefoot Spinefoot (kurbim), Blackspot Tuskfish (wanakuboi), Golden Trevally (waitpis), Bream (snapa), Giant Trevally (gaigai bulzi), Queenfish (kabar), Coral Trout (withi) and Stripey Seaperch (tanab).
For most of the competition, it was speed fishing for garfish, with some of the Continentals catching at the rate of one every 30seconds when the shoals were in front of them.
The only north west lady to ever fish for England, Heather helped her four team-mates to the gold after five arduous days on the stormy beaches catching garfish, scad, pollack and eels, fishing from late afternoon into darkness.