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any of various shrubs and small trees of the genus Gardenia having large fragrant white or yellow flowers

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Musica en vivo, personajes identificables y musica de la epoca es lo que conforma la obra Gardenia Club de Eloy Hernandez bajo la direccion de Lila Aviles, primer montaje de ambos.
In the Valley, gardenias, due to the powerful fragrance of their blooms, are among the most frequently purchased plants, despite their high rate of failure.
Perfumed with gardenia, stone-fruit blossoms, and a gamut of citrus.
gardenia, tuberose, ylang ylang, bergamot and sandalwood intertwine for an intoxicating and eclectic mix.
If roses are too cliched for your taste, try other fragrant shrubs, such as azalea, summersweet, lilac, or gardenia shrubs.
But once their plantings are free of ants and scales, Hawaii's growers can try out this new opportunity to market their tropical gardenias to stateside customers.
Q i bought a gardenia with plenty of flower buds but they have never opened and now the leaves are falling off.
The Cancun restaurant is the sixth such establishment run by Cubanacan subsidiary Palmeras; other Dos Gardenias outlets are located in Italy, Portugal and Spain.
Q CAN you tell me why the buds on my gardenia are dropping off?
At the risk of piling one more hitchhiker into a crowded hearse, let me suggest that if even more distance is put between architects' dueling incarnations then there really will be no place for them, at ground zero or elsewhere, If the direct experience of terror and its secondary economic effects continue to temper the cultural imagination beyond the shell-shock chic of the early weeks, we may see a return to some of those wartime tropes: a profession scrambling to be useful, a government that spurns it, and a widening rift between the architects who toss their gardenias and those who hold them dear.
Included are Citrus (such as Pink Lemonade, with "a blast of lemony cool wrapped around a sugary slice of lemon peel twist"); Decadent (Dulce Leche, "fresh creamy milk notes mingle with warm caramel"); Floral (Gardenia, "the exotic aroma of wild gardenias captured inside a sun-kissed bar"); Fruity (Georgia Peach, "a sweet juicy peach picked at the peak of ripeness"); Fresh and Clean (Forbidden Fig, "a distinctive green fig aroma flirting with lily, tuberose, ylang ylang, and jasmine"); Herbaceous (Chili Fest, "herbal notes and juicy green fruits mix with just a hint of violet and exotic woods"); and Oriental (Bay Soap, "a blend of sandalwood and musk complemented with gentle florals").
SAN FRANCISCO DOS GARDENIAS PARA TI: Every year since its founding 16 years ago, the San Francisco Jazz Festival has presented diverse one-of-a-kind events that span a wide spectrum of jazz and related musics.
In the Valley, however, many of the plants you will want to grow -- from salvias to roses, from gardenias to alstroemerias -- must have good light.
With aromas evocative of roses, gardenias, apple blossoms, and more, these aromatic white wines are perfect for the season (and are terrific partners for spicy food).
The double parlors were filled with gardenias from the bride's home, and Karen Rose of New Orleans provided classical violin music.