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Synonyms for gardener

someone who takes care of a garden

someone employed to work in a garden

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and the procession moved on, three of the soldiers remaining behind to execute the unfortunate gardeners, who ran to Alice for protection.
Annually, our Master Gardeners volunteer thousands of hours throughout the county, and this year, more than 900 of those were answering questions that came into the Help Desk," said Sarah Fellerer, Master Gardener program coordinator.
Don said: "Gardens should be a rich sources of foods and habitats for all kinds of bee, and with a little care can be made even better for them without any loss of pleasure to the gardener.
In collaboration with Sacred Heart Community Service, UC Master Gardener volunteers provide raised beds, soil, seeds and plants free of charge to families participating in the LMV program.
One gardener will advise on ferneries, heather beds and rockeries while others can give general advice at sessions held in the garden's Lavender Court in the Garden Rooms On Thursdays, from 11.
The Extension Service is accepting applications to enroll in the 2014 Master Gardener Program, with an application deadline of Oct.
The Gardeners Hall building dates back to the mid 1800s when it was commissioned by Lord Ranfurly as a Free Gardener Lodge for a society of Victorian gardeners.
A gardener was stopped by Emr security last week when he was cleaning a resident's car.
com)-- The Site Gardener, the developer of the popular Plant Library, now offers the Growers Smart List[TM].
Over 3,800 adults participate in the Florida Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program.
The little weed flower dreams of belonging to a beautiful garden and being tended by the gentle gardener who talks to his flowers while he waters and cares for them.
He added: "I was very privileged to grow up in an old vicarage with a huge garden and our own gardener.
For that gardener on your shopping list, here are a few suggestions:
Written in plain terms for gardeners of all skill and experience levels, The Green Gardener's Guide covers how to reduce water usage (even fixing leaky faucets and collecting roof runoff in rain barrels can make a sizeable difference), minimize the use of chemicals and pesticides, reduce waste through recycling and composting, and much more.