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With the exception of four Green Party candidates, most people taking advantage of the system are still running as garden-variety Republicans and Democrats.
But ethics experts, geneticists, zeitgeist buffs, and even garden-variety pundits saw things differently.
And Bill Luckin especially, focusing on auto fatalities in the wartime blackout, finds other garden-variety determinants of accidents such as social class.
Not that this Dennis Nahat piece, brought by Cleveland San Jose Ballet, ventured beyond garden-variety lyricism.
GIS' recent surge in popularity among grassroots groups is largely attributable to the fact that the software now runs on garden-variety personal computers.
Like Freud's garden-variety psychotic, every fashion dreamer retains libidinal contact with reality--as fantasy.
Work, page 133: With an organic farm manned by employees, the US headquarters of Birkenstock is no garden-variety corporate campus.
He does not shun topology, however, and says that most of the examples he discusses involve equations in garden-variety finite-dimensional Euclidean spaces.
And denizens of high latitudes tend to accumulate garden-variety fat, presumably to keep warm.
For researchers who have complex datasets that garden-variety data-mining techniques do not handle well, Skillicorn explains some of the common matrix decomposition techniques, which break a dataset into its constituent parts in order to analyze it.
The giddy mosh pit that engulfed McPherson at home plate celebrated with greater intensity than usual, because this was far from your garden-variety walkoff win.
These cases range from garden-variety frauds to cybercrime.
But for those without gardens, there are rugs strewn with roses that are anything but garden-variety.
There is your garden-variety laboratories-of-democracy federalism, where Oregon can institute single-payer health care and Wisconsin can throw everyone off welfare and Iowa gets to watch and learn.
After yet another missed June Gay Pride Month opportunity, some Garden-variety lesbians got fed up and held up LESBIANS FOR LIBERTY signs.