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a trowel used by gardeners

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I was holding my garden trowel and I think they both knew I wasn't going to give uo up my flowers without one hell of a fight.
Probably the easiest Christmas gift idea for any green-fingered enthusiast is the Easi-Grip garden trowel.
Use a small garden trowel to make holes about four inches in diameter, dig down to the buried object, and then replace the soil.
The work gloves should protect your hands or you could also use a garden trowel that fits inside the gutter.
Made from strong die-cast, powder-coated aluminium, this delightful floral garden trowel comes with a two-year guarantee.
1 Clear gutters at least once a year using garden trowel and bucket hooked to ladder
An ordinary garden trowel is ideal for larger bulbs.
If users would bring some sort of small garden trowel in their pack and bury their waste, we would not have to go to other extreme measures," he said.
It went like poo off a chromed garden trowel and the desire factor was high.
Antony Gormley made a coat peg, Anish Kapoor a table lamp, Permindar Kaur a shower curtain and Tony Cragg a garden trowel and fork, for example.
Two or three weeks after seeds germinate, plunge a garden trowel into an especially crowded cluster and transplant individual seedlings to a place prepared elsewhere in the garden.
Burgon & Ball's spring gardening collection Whether mum's a dab hand with a garden trowel or prefers to sit back and just enjoy her garden, she'll be hard pushed not to catch the gardening bug with the new season gardening collection from Burgon and Ball.
To determine the depth of soil moisture, push a screwdriver or a garden trowel into the soil.