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a spider common in European gardens

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Therefore, the garden spiders are friends to humans, not enemies, and they help keep the ecosystem balanced.
But spider expert Jack Fenwick, of Naturally Wild - an ecology specialist based on Skippers Lane, Middlesbrough - con-firmed that the spider is a common garden spider.
Curtis & Carrel (2000) reported that garden spiders fed mealworms excreted over twice a day under otherwise normal field conditions.
Arachnids on view range from large golden silk spiders to banded garden spiders famous for their intricate webs and dramatic yellow and black markings.
Garden Spiders Also known as the Orb Spider, this creature has a large round, fat body,often decorated with fancy patterns.
Videotapes of yellow garden spiders show that if a female doesn't murder her mate, he'll expire during sex anyway.
This time of year in the South," Libbie Adams writes, "there are huge garden spiders that build the most magnificent webs and make a little pouch to lay their eggs in.
Various clues, including threads that were twisted and coated with sticky fluid droplets, suggest that the webs were spun by spiders closely related to modern-day orb-web garden spiders.
Some typical arachnids that one might find include tiny house spiders - found in the corner of windowsills - and garden spiders, orb weavers and jumping spiders.