garden spade

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a spade used by gardeners

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You hit her with your hands, your feet and a garden spade, leaving her with 44 separate injuries to her body.
Slice the garden spade straight down the sides of the hole to give you room to maneuver.
For never was there ever made, A weed could stand against my spade, And if my garden spade could talk, He would tell you his ally is the fork.
Prepare the soil with a garden spade, turning it over and breaking up any dirt clods.
Expert tip Recut the edges with a long-handled edging iron or half-moon cutting knife and not your garden spade, which has a slightly curved blade that will give a scalloped finish.
The straight, square-bladed garden spade, while commonly used, is not a good choice.
On the beach, Short walks towards the water with a garden spade in his hand, squats down and turns over a few barnacle-covered rocks.
In the photograph he is still wearing his jacket and tie from work and he is leaning on the garden spade that my mother had thrown to him that morning.
Gareth Emery, 25, from Clinton Road, Shirley, punched and stamped on his defenceless aunt, finally using a garden spade to hit her until she died.
A THUG battered a McDonald's drive-thru hatch with a garden spade after a row over his order.
A GARDEN spade was used to smash windows of a Redcar house.
Jackson threatened them with a 3ft piece of wood, a six-inch kitchen knife and a garden spade, before smashing a window and cutting himself.
Take my advice, make it quick before his wife Ethel follows the lead of our Doris and holds out a Dyson for her man in one hand and a garden spade in the other.
Then on Sunday afternoon, a burglar used a garden spade and fork to force open a window on the ground floor of a house at Abercorn Road before leaving with a number of items.
Well, while the other dads were fiddling around with plastic spades, out would come the old garden spade and in no time at all, our kids had the biggest and most spectacular castle on the beach, complete with a knee-deep moat to fill up.