garden spade

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a spade used by gardeners

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Neal said he lost his temper after years of being verbally abused by Mr Brophy and struck him five times on the head with the garden spade.
Suspect used garden spade in an attempt to prise open rear UPVC patio doors.
10) Neaten the edges Turfs can be cut to shape using either a half-moon edge or a good sharp garden spade.
Police believe Jackie Skillen, 39, was beaten with a garden spade.
A LOVESICK student who beat a man to death with a garden spade was cleared of murder yesterday.
Burglar got inside using a garden spade to smash wooden rear door and stole television, cash and watch.
A "FANTASY SAS officer" was bludgeoned to death with a garden spade by a love rival, a jury at Swansea Crown Court heard yesterday.
Police arrived to find a host of abandoned weapons including batons, bottles and a garden spade.
Raider(s) used garden spade to force double glazed window at back.
In the first incident the man, who was carrying a garden spade and fork, visited a home in the Stockingford area at about 1.
Burgon and Ball's Garden Spade (EUR30) also has a smaller head, a tread on the head to prevent your boot slipping off, and a sturdy yet smart ash wood V-shaped handle.
INTRUDERS used a garden spade to smash their way into a conservatory and double-glazed windows during a burglary in Bedworth.
But if you have to lift old vinyl tiles or linoleum, the easiest way is to use a garden spade.
TWO people were threatened with a garden spade and samurai sword, leaving one of them in hospital.
Moments later teenagers, armed with metal piping, wooden planks, a garden spade and hoe, launched their attack.