garden snail

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any of several inedible snails of the genus Helix

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Observations on the fecundity of the garden snail, Opeas gracile (Hutton) (Pulmonata: Subulinidae).
When we meet Turbo, he's just your average brown-and-orange garden snail named Theo, toiling away at the tomato "plant" by day and spending his off hours glued to the TV set, re-living the highlights of his idol, French racing champ Guy Gagne.
The garden snail (Helix aspersa) qs bioindicor of organophosphorus exposure: effects of dimethoate on survival, growth and acetyicholinesterases activity.
This was how Fernando Bascunan felt when he started breeding the Chilean brown garden snail Helix aspersa Muller in 1980 to ship to Europe for food.
Chicks are ready to fly after 40 days' A garden snail lays about 100 small white eggs which will begin to hatch after 14 days.
THE day would have to be our William Hill Garden Snail Derby, held at our branch on a racecourse we had built called Slimey Grange.
The common garden snail at left can scrunch into its shell when the weather's not right.
Cineworld Llandudno (Thu) TURBO (U) A garden snail is covered in nitrous oxide and discovers a need for death-defying speed.
While the radula sounds like something from a horror movie, it is in fact found in the mouths of most molluscs, from the giant squid to the garden snail.
OUGH they are the slowest mals in the world, the fastest in ir species is the garden snail ich can travel 55 yards per hour.
Helix aspersa, known as garden snail, is a species of land snail, a pulmonate gastropod.
After coming up with the idea of eating snails - her species of choice is the garden snail or Helix aspersa - Oriole turned to the internet for advice on cooking them safely.
GARDEN snail and slug populations have flourished during the damp conditions.
The common brown garden snail (Cantareus aspersus) and members of at least four families of land snails shoot what's popularly called a love dart.
It's the agent of their destruction--helix aspersa, better known as the garden snail and considered a delicacy abroad--that's got him interested.