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the flattened to cylindric inflated multi-seeded fruit of the common pea plant

plant producing peas usually eaten fresh rather than dried

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It was the sight of someone else's towering plate of fish and chips that tipped me in favour of the battered fillet of Atlantic cod with hand-cut chips, garden pea puree, mixed salad and tartare sauce.
Mendel elucidated the basic patterns of inheritance by performing carefully planned experiments on the common garden pea, an extremely wise choice of experimental model.
She concluded that though the phone poll clearly contradicted the available evidence, the garden pea is here to stay.
We are in danger of creating an entire generation who regard the British garden pea as a nuisance - so we have decided to act now to ensure they do not become a period piece.
The common garden pea has been eaten for 8,000 years.
Finest Garden Pea and WiltshireCured Ham Soup (600g), Tesco, was PS2.
Birds Eye is hoping to do for the soya bean what it did for the garden pea more than 60 years ago by making it a regular feature of the dinner plate.
A WOMAN has just broken a record by throwing a garden pea 28.
As with Tesco this week, an out-of-stock on Birds Eye garden peas 907g cost Sainsbury's Heaton store in Newcastle-upon-Tyne a full shopping basket.
peanut butter and garden peas, as well as Branston Pickle and Batchelors Super Noodles.
CO OP: Carrots 18p lb; Frozen garden peas 79p; Fresh lamb pounds 1.
Batchelors produces top quality Marrowfat, Mushy and Garden Peas, and has been a teatime family favourite for decades.
67 Difference: 20p Smartprice garden peas in water, 300g - 21p Own-brand garden peas in water, 300g - 40p Difference: 19p
67 20p 8 Smartprice garden peas in water, 300g 21p Garden peas in water, 300g 40p 19p 5 9 MORRISONS Savers clear honey, 340g PS1 Clearhoney,340g PS1.
73 with a meal deal at Nisa stores by picking up a pack of 24 Birds Eye chicken dippers, Heritage Straight Cut Chips (907g), Heritage Garden peas (600g) and a Coppenrath & Wiese Cheesecake (445g) which would normally cost PS7.