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a hose used for watering a lawn or garden

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On arrival crews found a man trying to put out the fire with a garden hose.
FIREFIGHTERS and residents with garden hoses fought for five hours to stop a blaze from spreading to houses on the side of a mountain.
This means that any potable water connection that you can hook a garden hose up to must have a vacuum breaker installed.
Garden hose is said to present a number of environmental problems.
OXFORD - Firefighters and police yesterday rescued a woman trapped in a burning kitchen after a neighbor alerted the Fire Department and turned his garden hose on the fire.
Think about a garden hose with free-flowing water in it.
24, 2005, noted Martin has put aside his "tightwad days" and is "spraying money around the country like a broken garden hose .
Clean AutoDry ProSeries All-in-One CarWash Kit ($30-$35), a portable, painless washing solution that stows neatly in the back of your trunk, Provide a garden hose so you and Mr.
Allied Resinous Products, founded by Ed's brother-in-law, Keith Anderson in 1951, extruded the very first vinyl garden hose (for Yardley in Columbus, Ohio) and the first Hula Hoops.
Then I ran to the back of the house to retrieve a garden hose and entered the house through the back porch, which was the closest to the flames.
But over the weekend, vandals stole her garden hose and turned on her tap, ruining part of her garden, and tore down her greenhouse.
Water from a standard garden hose was unable to penetrate the fabric.
During one unscheduled stop, a passing mechanic checked under the bonnet and asked me to fetch him a pen cartridge, a foot of garden hose, a milk carton and some insulation tape.
Each unit requires a 115/1/60 electrical receptacle and a garden hose water supply (unit has 0.
The surgeons then snapped the AbioCor onto the rings, in the way a garden hose connects to a spigot.