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a hose used for watering a lawn or garden

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Residents at Bronheulog Cottages were so worried about the proximity of the flames to their homes that they grabbed garden hoses to try and douse them.
Then I ran to the back of the house to retrieve a garden hose and entered the house through the back porch, which was the closest to the flames.
But over the weekend, vandals stole her garden hose and turned on her tap, ruining part of her garden, and tore down her greenhouse.
Each year, we go through the same thing: an entire new line of nozzles gets hooked up to the garden hose in the hopes of finally finding one that provides enough oomph to clean the gutters, remove mold and mildew from the deck, get rid of the oil stains on the driveway, clear baked on deposits from the barbecue grill, and, of course, wash the mini-van.
Water from a standard garden hose was unable to penetrate the fabric.
During one unscheduled stop, a passing mechanic checked under the bonnet and asked me to fetch him a pen cartridge, a foot of garden hose, a milk carton and some insulation tape.
Each unit requires a 115/1/60 electrical receptacle and a garden hose water supply (unit has 0.
The surgeons then snapped the AbioCor onto the rings, in the way a garden hose connects to a spigot.
A durable, transparent coating on the glass helps break down dirt particles and sheets water so that rain or the light spray of a garden hose can rinse the exterior clean.
The hose, nozzle and swivel garden hose fitting can be sold separately but are designed to work as a unit to provide maximum performance.
Without rain, that would be equivalent to laying a garden hose in the basin of the tree and running it on very low pressure, almost a trickle, for 15 to 20 minutes.
In a sleeveless undershirt, this stern, balding, craggy-faced man holds a green garden hose like a gun.
He milks the Jersey, hauls each day's manure by wheelbarrow to the west end of the orchard, arranges it in tidy mounds, then scours the wheelbarrow with a steel brush and precious water from Lupe's grass-green garden hose.
The summer before he had stuck a garden hose in the assistant camp director's living room window, turned it on, and went placidly to lunch.
Another useful item, the Water Sweep, turns an ordinary garden hose into a high-pressure water broom that can be used to clean sidewalks, driveways, vinyl or other siding, windows and areas outside the home.