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a cart for carrying small loads

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com/cgi-bin/prnh/20030904/USCSCLOGO ) Name of product: GardenPlus Industrial Garden Cart Units: 196,788
is just a garden cart married to a modified bicycle frame.
Kids can grow their green thumb with this 2-in-1 garden cart & wheelbarrow
She hopes to write an article for a magazine such as "Mother Earth News" about how to turn a garden cart into a covered wagon.
Why this woman ran the garden cart into the back of my knees when we were gathering leaves to put on the garden still hasn't been explained to my satisfaction.
The result is a formerly stationary tool that rolls like a garden cart.
While fiats aren't uncommon, particularly in rough country, most new wheelbarrow and garden cart tires are paper-thin imports.
The Fold-It and Go Wagon is a garden cart and large wagon designed for use by seniors or individuals with arthritis or balance, mobility, or upper extremity disabilities.
Garden carts to transport things around camp (much better to slosh bug-juice in a garden cart than in the front seat of your camp car
There was a special presentation of flowers and plants in a handmade garden cart, as well as a plaque from the Vatican presented to Rev.
She's downscaled her garden cart to a baby stroller and has one dog instead of two.
Our 125 litre capacity Garden Cart has a durable polycarbonate hopper mounted on a steel chassis that is complete with 4 large pneumatic tyres
We have three-foot pathways so I can get my garden cart and wheelbarrow in when I want to.
Put the honey super on a garden cart of wagon, put the inner cover and cover back on the hive.
I have a garden cart that is helpful for moving things that are hard for me to lift.