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a cart for carrying small loads

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Use a two-wheeled garden cart instead of a wheelbarrow for less strain and better balance.
My garden pathways are 3 feet wide so my garden cart will fit, and I can comfortably reach into the garden beds from both sides.
Gardener's Supply is awarding each of the five runner-up garden programs with a garden cart.
is just a garden cart married to a modified bicycle frame.
I propose that you can easily accomplish this task using three simple and supremely low-tech tools: a scythe, a garden cart and a broadfork.
She hopes to write an article for a magazine such as "Mother Earth News" about how to turn a garden cart into a covered wagon.
Why this woman ran the garden cart into the back of my knees when we were gathering leaves to put on the garden still hasn't been explained to my satisfaction.
The result is a formerly stationary tool that rolls like a garden cart.
In addition, the coop slides off its cart easily, making it a snap to move a series of coops to fresh grazing locations, plus giving you the convenience of a spacious 6-by-6-foot or 6-by-8-foot garden cart for moving seedling flats and performing other tasks.
While fiats aren't uncommon, particularly in rough country, most new wheelbarrow and garden cart tires are paper-thin imports.
The 2-inch egg sac that traveled to Oregon on the family's garden cart cost taxpayers $25,000 in aerial spraying fees Tuesday.
Among cool-season crops in garden cart are lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage
If you need a serviceable and handy riding mower (for up to about 2 1/2 acres) that can pull a garden cart, leaf sweeper, grass clipping bagger, fertilizer spreader or a dethatcher, or occasionally push a little snow with a front-mounted blade, then a lawn tractor is right for you.
But you can get much better results first by setting aside a load or two of soil with the help of your trusty garden cart.
But Neuton's battery-powered Garden Cart makes hauling a snap