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the study of a society by analyzing its garbage

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The first in an intended series entitled Garbology Kidsacents, Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?
Yet, we still know that even with Garbology, composting, and careful attention, we will never be a waste-free facility.
SUFFOLK County Council are advertising for a Garbology Officer - which, to you and me, is someone who specialises in sifting through rubbish for clues about our past.
Likewise, the CEAP garbology project, which tracks the nature of Calvin College's trash, has raised not only issues of recycling behavior on campus, but also the issue of the regional recycled material market and Calvin's place in this regional problem.
Garbology : Study of the contents of bins to analyse households consumption patterns.
The value and power of his philosophical and spiritual insights are brought clearly into focus if we first consider the cultural context of garbology since the late nineteenth century.