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Anybody sufficiently interested in Garvin's garbled thesis can find enlightenment on page 26 of that volume.
The file shredder's mission is to scramble files before deletion, making them garbled and unreadable.
OK, watching James Lavelle spin records while partner Richard File garbled his innocuous vocals wasn't exactly colourful, despite the lightshow.
We've all seen those choppy streaming video clips with staggered motion and garbled video.
The biblical stories became garbled, and after the expulsion of the Jesuits, the confused tangle of beliefs that was Japanese Christianity took refuge with Amida Buddhism until contact with the west was resumed in the later nineteenth century.
Theakston, 31, adds: ``You have to explain it to them because you know they're about to read a nasty garbled tabloid version of what happened.
Ishmael Reed was, when he wrote Flight to Canada, highly critical of Black Power, mainly because of its inability to acknowledge aesthetic values in nonprotest literature--a criticism that to some extent applies to Rushdy's book as well: In Flight to Canada the political message, however garbled it may appear in the camivalized postmodem world of Reed's Neo-HooDoo Aesthetics, is subversive, but the adaptable trickster-figure Robin, a kind of Uncle Tom, is presented as more successful than any Nat Turner-figure could be.
Parts of the paragraph appeared garbled, as incorrectly transmitted by PRNewswire.
All we heard was a garbled transmission saying he was going down near the dunes.
Curious about how the men learned about the ordinance, Duneier discovers that it was the policemen who enforce the law on the streets who passed on--sometimes in garbled form--information about what was now legal and why.
What are we to make of the garbled, often self-serving stuff that bombards us around the clock?
With modern head mikes that constantly crackled and garbled their voices, and a dramatic presence that begged for the spotlight, the singers too frequently broke the spare mood.
Rather than waiting in line and re transmitting garbled data, clients pass an electronic signal, called a token, between one another that clears the recipient to send or receive data.
Of the remaining two, one is a garbled misquote from Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia, Query XVII; the other, a reference to John Adams that seems genuine.
Then, through photosynthesis, they'll create garbled sounds which, after great effort, will be translated as, "It don't get any better than this.