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someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse

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Regulars appearing on the show were Louie the garbageman (Scatman Crothers), their mail woman Mabel (Bonnie Boland), Chico's friend Mando (Isaac Ruiz), Reverend Bemis (Ronny Graham), and diner owner Della Rogers (Della Reese).
Compare that to Bob's take on the Cramps' Garbageman," of which he says, "It's got that monotonous, almost tribal thump-thump-thump-thump beat that never changes.
She opened it in her bathrobe and found the garbageman standing in front of her.
In many pictures, the garbageman and his colleagues are smiling and waving in their soiled jumpsuits.
Jumbo the Garbageman (co-emcee and chief producer for Lifesavas) plays Sleepy Floyd.
OK, there are some corkers on there, the opening track, Devo's Whip It, and The Cramps' Garbageman, but the entire package is a bit of a mish-mash and unlikely to have massive appeal.
As one longtime garbageman explained, "It's better than being a psychiatrist.
He was the kid of a garbageman," he said from his Fitchburg apartment last weekend.
Songs like "Be Human" (1936, illustrated by a man whipping his dog mercilessly) and Betty Boop's sexy ode to the garbageman in "Any Rags" (1932) are singularly Fleischer material.
Underhanded free spirit Henry (Thomas Jay Ryan) had a son with Fay and convinced her garbageman brother Simon (James Urbaniak) to become an internationally renowned poet.
Typical of the problem is the case of a city garbageman with a poor work record who crashed his truck into a pole on the morning of Jan.
For Stern, a garbageman humorist, must be defended by serious, intelligent Americans who understand that limitations on speech - even when remarks are awful and onerous - endanger free expression for all.
Having been a garbageman in my youth, I beg to differ with your usage of the term.
I'm not sure exactly when we started calling a spade a heart in this country but, for me, I started noticing something strange was going on when our garbageman became a sanitation engineer.