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Synonyms for garbageman

someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse

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Although the narrative coherence may be more in their minds than in the actual songs, passionate MCs Jumbo the Garbageman and Vurastyl have crafted a seriously funky mosaic.
We make sure that the space that was occupied by the debris before is ready to be used again immediately, which sometimes means raking outside or sweeping indoor floors, and your garbageman won't do that.
apartment cookie elevator french fries garbageman hood (car) mail potato chips restroom sausages talk show
With regard to the diversity of compositional rules governing compound creation, Henderson (1985) gives an example of the word man, which enters into such compounds as headman, headhunter, milkman, garbageman, snowman, handyman, best man, or workman.
Nonetheless, fairly reliable sources (the night garbageman, Jackson.
This is what the American legend said: "If I were a garbageman I'd be the world's greatest garbageman.
For instance, in Fences they see a garbageman, a person they really don't look at, although they may see a garbageman every day.
This one announces she wants sex, right away; that one asks for money; and garbageman Simon Grim (a man only a hum away from fairy-tale simplicity) wants people to know he isn't retarded.
5 rebounds through the two games, showing that he's not just the Tamaraws' resident garbageman, he can also be their undisputed leader.
Compare that to Bob's take on the Cramps' Garbageman," of which he says, "It's got that monotonous, almost tribal thump-thump-thump-thump beat that never changes.
She opened it in her bathrobe and found the garbageman standing in front of her.
Jumbo the Garbageman (co-emcee and chief producer for Lifesavas) plays Sleepy Floyd.
The garbageman told them FBI agents paid him cash to set Kjonaas' trash aside; the mailman said the FBI ordered him to photocopy Kjonaas' mail.
OK, there are some corkers on there, the opening track, Devo's Whip It, and The Cramps' Garbageman, but the entire package is a bit of a mish-mash and unlikely to have massive appeal.
Among them: Carmen Monoxide, an incorrigible punster; Omicron, a bureaucrat from Venus; and Louie Adamchevitz, a Slav garbageman.