garbage truck

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a truck for collecting domestic refuse


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It will also push to develop new garbage trucks better suited to Korean road conditions.
com/news/local-news/man-trapped-inside-garbage-truck-rescued) incident occured  in February this year, when Tampa Fire Rescue and police officers rescued a man trapped inside a garbage truck in Tampa, Florida.
The spokesperson commended the Saudi citizen for the video that helped the municipality discover the misuse of the garbage truck and identify people involved in illegal activities.
ISLAMABAD -- Garbage trucks carrying solid waste plying on the roads of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, during rush hours emitting extremely strong odour, is a cause of concern for the public, particularly motorists.
Officers followed the driver of the stolen garbage truck at about 10-15 mph as he "took laps around the Pike/ Pine corridor," said Lt.
Ali E[currency]eyhalioy-lu and E[currency]enol Kart, garbage collectors, took their way after getting on the garbage truck.
The Oroville Mercury Register reports that the man survived the ride in the rear of a garbage truck.
Defendant alleges that he had been following a garbage truck when the garbage truck stopped to load garbage.
Volvo AB (Volvo) (NASDAQ: VOLV) (STO: VOLVA) (STO: VOLVB), a Sweden-based automaker, is in phase two of testing for its new diesel-electric hybrid garbage truck.
And this is when my taxi driver told me; what I now call, "The Law of the Garbage Truck.
A BRITISH couple on a romantic Valentine break in New York have been killed by a runaway garbage truck.
A shiny silver Lexus careens through two lanes of traffic in front of a garbage truck and slams on the brakes to make a last-second right turn.
will build a garbage truck plant in Qingdao within this year to start production next year, with annual production planned to exceed 2,000 units in the future, said Fuji Heavy, known as the maker of ''Subaru'' vehicles.
She applied to become a garbage truck driver to challenge men in this men-only domain, and to prove that work is a blessing and one should be proud of his work as long as it's an honest job.
PACOIMA -- A 30-year-old bicyclist died Friday when he was struck by a garbage truck in Pacoima, officials said.