garbage pickup

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the collection and removal of garbage

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Fifteen female inmates are currently eligible for work release, but Mosley plans to start out with a team of four assisting in roadside garbage pickup, and then gradually expand the program.
The huge battle over libraries, goofy waterfront development schemes, police and fire department layoffs, an antigay undertone and private garbage pickup is more than people bargained for in Toronto.
Do not use regular curbside garbage pickup or your tree will end up in the landfill with the other garbage, where it can take up to 30 years to decompose.
For garbage pickup, for example, it has subcontracting partnerships with vendors such as Alpine Waste & Recycling.
The city provides electricity, water, restrooms and garbage pickup, things a restaurant normally has to pay for itself.
The campaign will concentrate on garbage pickup, litter picking, bin cleaning and disinfection, sand removal, green waste and graffiti removal.
The municipality also offers garbage pickup to the Trout Lake residents.
permits, water, garbage pickup provided by the public sector), according to data cited in the report, Defaulting on the Dream: States Respond to America's Foreclosure Crisis.
If you want cops, you have to pay more for garbage pickup.
Georgetown, Guyana's capital will not be prepared to host cricket's biggest event, the World Cup, next year unless the municipal budget is boosted and local laws beefed up, said Mayor Hamilton Green, adding he needs money to deal with matters ranging from police overtime to garbage pickup.
Standardized Marked Bag Systems for Residential Garbage Pickup
Fuchu is also home to a famous horse racetrack, which is why, my gambling guide Yasuhiko Sambe explains, the city has such low taxes and efficient garbage pickup.
There is no garbage pickup so refuse is simply dumped in front of several of the surrounding shacks.
If we lose this, then there goes our fire department, there goes our garbage pickup," she said during the capitol protest, holding a sign that said, "Townships need revenue sharing.
They actually begin to reduce trash so much they can cut some garbage pickup and shift personnel to recycling--they no longer need two parallel staffs.