garbage man

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someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse

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The piece eventually causes a string of misunderstandings and plot points when YaE-ar's mother-in-law accidentally sells it off as scrap to a garbage man.
Fortunately, Jimmy James, garbage man for Bunting Disposal, noticed the gift card in the trash, reported Fox4kc.
They all jumped like little bunny bitches and strangely started throwing their chump change on the sidewalk as if they expected I was actually gonna bend the fuck down and pick up their leftovers like some stereotypical garbage man.
The suitcase holding his shadow moves from the garbage man to a trader who deals in shadows.
Recycle Christmas trees: Recycling a Christmas tree is as easy as taking it to the curb and having the garbage man pick it up - free of charge - to be composted, officials say.
Last year, people would throw rubbish at me, but now the garbage man collects it from my new house and people are very good to me," the Daily Express quoted 10-year-old Azharuddin as saying.
Connor hesitated a long time and finally answered that his father was the garbage man.
Frank Nelson, franchise owner of Pacific Power Batteries' new Bellingham location, said he was a garbage man for the past ?
Garbage man, former auto worker, and appliance repair man dream up apps that solve problems, help people listen, and find a place to crash for the night
No one else ever stepped up to fill the role of garbage man inside when Monk was declared ineligible.
the always-drunk garbage man In green combat goggles and
I also tidied up the theater so much that one of our late community theater actors and volunteer set builders called me the garbage man," Dr.
There is no reasonable expectation of privacy with respect to garbage placed out for collection by the garbage man.
The only people who benefited from these tasteless socioeconomic masquerades were the faux sanitation engineers, who decades later, when they ran for public office, could tell the voters: "I know what it's like to work hard for a living, because I worked one entire summer as a garbage man.
The degree of truthfulness to which "Scooter-boy" needs to be held is the same degree to which my auto mechanic or garbage man should be held.