garbage man

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someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse

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The piece eventually causes a string of misunderstandings and plot points when YaE-ar's mother-in-law accidentally sells it off as scrap to a garbage man.
Fortunately, Jimmy James, garbage man for Bunting Disposal, noticed the gift card in the trash, reported Fox4kc.
In the title story, "Goodnight Nobody," a garbage man is the metaphoric everyman.
These days, when the surveys show that the job of newspaper reporter ranks dead last--after maid, garbage man and lumberjack--people might find the antidote in the elixir that Richard Dudman brings to the joyful pursuit of adventure and the truth.
50pm Cocky young garbage man Martin Sheen (above) and his simple-minded teenage girlfriend Sissy Spacek go on a killing spree in South Dakota.
While the recitation is difficult, it is most likely preferable to Sorrell's method with one young man, who must pick up garbage "because he made garbage man grades last semester.
Franklin, a former city garbage man and mechanic, denies the murders.
After Christmas Day, don't pile up empty gift boxes on the street for the garbage man, which simply informs burglars of the expensive gifts awaiting them inside your home.
They all jumped like little bunny bitches and strangely started throwing their chump change on the sidewalk as if they expected I was actually gonna bend the fuck down and pick up their leftovers like some stereotypical garbage man.
Work on the press kit for your America's Next Top Garbage Man reality TV show pitch
Recycle Christmas trees: Recycling a Christmas tree is as easy as taking it to the curb and having the garbage man pick it up - free of charge - to be composted, officials say.
Last year, people would throw rubbish at me, but now the garbage man collects it from my new house and people are very good to me," the Daily Express quoted 10-year-old Azharuddin as saying.
Connor hesitated a long time and finally answered that his father was the garbage man.
The episodes ranged from the garbage man on his rounds, to Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit at a barbecue and Kai Diekmann, editor of Bild newspaper, designing the front page.