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After the police arrested Imran, the suspect reportedly confessed to assaulting eight minor girls at an under-construction site and two others in a garbage heap in Kasur.
Although the story has a happy ending where Pablo is able to outsmart the bully and keep his treasure safe, the book is most valuable because it brings to light the plight of thousands of basurero children who live in extreme poverty and exist off the garbage heaps of the wealthier city folks.
After Dellschau's death, the books were nearly destroyed by a fire, and saved from the garbage heap almost by chance when a junk dealer discovered them.
Police investigations revealed Amarjeet had been killed within a few hours of his abduction and his burnt body was bundled into a sack and thrown in a garbage heap under a bridge at Sipara, from where it was recovered on Thursday night.
This man should be left to rot on the garbage heap of football prima donnas.
But the man was present at the hatching of Big Bird, the tri-toed, tie-wearing challenge to ornithology, who lived on Sesame Street's garbage heap, where he chatted with Aloysius Snuffleupagus, who appeared to have descended from woolly mammoths.
He finds something strange on a garbage heap, and prepares to give it to the boy.
All were Sunnis shot with a single bullet to the head and left on a garbage heap.
That and the other rubbish we generate, could eventually turn this green and pleasant land into a gigantic garbage heap.
The goat--who is actually a stuffed goat--has come back to life on a garbage heap and doesn't know where he is or what has happened to him; he distracts himself from his immense pain (life after taxidermy isn't easy) by inventing stories.
Three out of four Canadians are disgusted at the threat of throwing traditional marriage onto the legal garbage heap to make way for the farce of homosexual "marriage" (homogamy).
It's time we put those rumors where they belong: on the garbage heap.
Their residence is near an intersection that houses the garbage heap for their block.
It wasn't until the 20th century that industrial emissions deforested, transformed into desert and polluted the Earth while turning the sky into a garbage heap.
The universe as a vast garbage heap of matter, a constant recycling of elements, an indifference to their use or purpose (the universe as a pile of junk).