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Nauseating smell produced by the garbage heap is a constant irritant for residents and motorists using the busy road on daily basis.
He said it was beyond understanding that why the department concerned was oblivious of the garbage heap, which have negative impacts on environment and health.
The teenager lies down on a mat perched on a garbage heap.
It was, all the time, a garbage heap of greed and dishonesty.
But the man was present at the hatching of Big Bird, the tri-toed, tie-wearing challenge to ornithology, who lived on Sesame Street's garbage heap, where he chatted with Aloysius Snuffleupagus, who appeared to have descended from woolly mammoths.
All were Sunnis shot with a single bullet to the head and left on a garbage heap.
That and the other rubbish we generate, could eventually turn this green and pleasant land into a gigantic garbage heap.
Do we, or do we not, want to have God destroy that internal garbage heap that separates us from a joyful, well-lived life?
Three out of four Canadians are disgusted at the threat of throwing traditional marriage onto the legal garbage heap to make way for the farce of homosexual "marriage" (homogamy).
You and the United Nations may be headed for the garbage heap of history unless you change and represent the people, the Catholic church.
Their residence is near an intersection that houses the garbage heap for their block.
It wasn't until the 20th century that industrial emissions deforested, transformed into desert and polluted the Earth while turning the sky into a garbage heap.
A number of bodies have never been recovered, believed entombed inside the garbage heap.
While some career and technical educators have relegated tech prep concepts to the garbage heap of another failed "educational fad," the original vision represents the best, and some would argue the last, hope for a strategic direction toward a coordinated career and technical education.