garbage hauler

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someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse

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The price increase would apply both to commercial garbage haulers - who will pass it on to county residents - and to individuals who bring their own waste to county-run transfer stations.
Facing opposition from garbage haulers and concerns from at least three cities in Lane County, the commissioners directed the county staff to look into the possibility of smaller but more regular increases in the fees, and to have more discussions with garbage haulers and others over the next month.
One of these LNG stations, scheduled to be operational later this year, will provide fuel for Norcal Waste Systems of San Francisco, a major California garbage hauler.
The proposal requires all residential and nonresidential properties, excluding vacant and uninhabitable property, to obtain garbage collection service from a franchise garbage hauler.
Excelsior head chef Karl Zenk said the restaurant will use the new program to recycle meat, fish, dairy products and baked goods through its garbage hauler, Royal Refuse.
She was a garbage hauler in Washington state - the first woman to do so there, she says.
And as it has done over the past two weeks, Riordan's campaign came back with its own accusations over contributions Hayden received in 1989 from Waste Management of North America, a major garbage hauler.
A new company formed by former executives of the area's dominant garbage hauler is seeking a license to start a trash service in Eugene.
The more likely scenario for those who do put a television in the trash is that it will be fished out by the garbage hauler and set on the curb with a note explaining the new law, said the DEQ's Kiwala.
These include tanks, crane-mounted trucks, garbage haulers, jetting units and concrete pump solutions.
Passed through by local garbage haulers to their customers, the increase costs the typical Eugene residential customer about 40 cents a month.
Garbage haulers are suppose to tag the item and leave it by the curb or you could face a $25 fine.
So with oil skyrocketing to hover at about $105 per barrel for the first time since October 2008, and other oil markets running as much as $115 per barrel, can the fuel surcharges used by diesel-dependent industries such as truck shipping, garbage haulers and even ski areas added back then be making a comeback?
garbage haulers and bus drivers) and mergers and acquisitions.
It is expected the legislation will be reintroduced in the current session that will remove C&D from the solid waste definition, thus freeing it from the exclusive waste agreements that municipalities strike with garbage haulers.