garbage disposal

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a kitchen appliance for disposing of garbage

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This setup keeps the dishwasher cleaner as well as the plumbing, so make sure the garbage disposal has a dishwasher connection.
The garbage disposal element is going a whole step beyond.
According to Mark Jeantheau of the popular eco-website Grinning Planet, conscientious consumers interested in returning food-based nutrients back to the Earth should bypass the garbage disposal in favor of composting.
The facility, run by the Kinki Clean Center, a garbage disposal company in Tsuruga, took in a total of 1.
Reducing the amount of garbage a building produces could be one way to lessen the burden of garbage disposal at residential buildings during the potential strike, said Pat Grayson of the Department of Sanitation.
They are not only learning about new methods of wet and dry garbage disposal and vermiculture, they are also being encouraged to take pride in their work and look at other aspects of their lives.
When cleaning fish, never discard guts in waterways or down a garbage disposal, as this can spread whirling disease.
The household recycling program now being implemented in Nashville's Urban Services District is expected to save nearly $12 million in garbage disposal costs next year, resulting in net savings of more than $10.
7 billion yen to build a garbage disposal plant there, but decided to drop the plan due to opposition from the public and environmentalists.
Food enters its glass mouth and is chewed in a garbage disposal and a meat grinder.
With attention-grabbing headlines stirring public debate over the safety of Ontario's drinking water and Toronto's ongoing garbage disposal woes, a Manitoulin businessman insists he has the answers to both problems.
We quartered the apples on the counter top, threw them into the right sink, ran them through the garbage disposal in the left sink.
From an article in The Wall Street Journal, datelined Irvine, California: "In Irvine, where most domestics are Mexican immigrants--legal and illegal--a popular book titled How to Communicate with Your Spanish-Speaking Help offers phrases like `Don't pour grease down the garbage disposal,' and `How long are you planning to stay in the USA?
This will help create a civil service, so that he who specializes in garbage disposal becomes an expert in garbage disposal.
EPA is promoting its pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) garbage disposal program to communities across the country.