garbage collector

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someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse

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Police said the money, if unclaimed by its legal owner, will go Chofu city coffers since the garbage collector who found the money was a city employee on official duty.
The police got to his garbage cans before the garbage collectors.
Cairo's garbage collectors, the Zabbaleen, are on their way to work.
I was at home, I saw the garbage collector van that was on flames from my roof," he told prosecutors.
Similarly, in Garbage Collector the team of 'Dennis' and 'Joel' appear throughout and explain how they work, what happens to the collected waste, why garbage collection is important and how waste separation can help the environment as well as other related issues.
South Korea's President, and the man credited with his country's economic transformation, Lee Myungbak, had to work as a garbage collector to pay his way through university.
in April '75 after the fall of Saigon, and finding a job in Texas as a garbage collector before becoming a theology professor art the University of Dallas--Peter Cho Phan is not your typical academic.
Delivery of two 3-axle truck chassis with steered trailing axle to build a garbage collector structure with about 20-22 mA capacityandDelivery of 2 garbage collection bodies with about 20-22 mA capacity on a 3-axle truck chassis with steered trailing axle.
Mr Al Malki revealed two men will also stand trial for setting two garbage collector vans on fire in Eker on June 4.
July 31 is Garbage Collectors' Day, when the nation's best garbage collector gets a special award.
PERC Ultra's real-time garbage collector ensures that real-time microsecond response can be guaranteed even in mission-critical applications.
When asked whether the son of a garbage collector can be appointed as a judge, the minister answered that the profession of the judge should be occupied by members of a more suitable class.
And if they accepted, and wages were raised to the level of the salary of garbage collector in New York, the high cost of products and prices become unbearable, who would build his house for twice the price construction today, for example?
Cairo: Since the Egyptian government decided to cull the country's estimated 35,000 pigs in April as part of preventive measures against swine flu, Michael Yousuf, a garbage collector, has been virtually out of business.
Improved Distributed Garbage Collector (DGC) Performance and Visibility - The distributed garbage collector has been updated to use a generational collection algorithm which provides significant improvements in performance with little to no overhead.