garbage collector

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someone employed to collect and dispose of refuse

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The garbage collector, who works for environmental and waste management company Bee'ah, informed the police control room as soon as he spotted the body.
Ali E[currency]eyhalioy-lu and E[currency]enol Kart, garbage collectors, took their way after getting on the garbage truck.
My husband who runs a medical laboratory pays some LE 2000 per year to the same facility and yet the garbage collector picks up the bags at the door of his clinic", she added.
In our study, a higher prevalence were noted among garbage collector (27.
To some degree, the garbage collector runs under control of the application.
Norcal Waste Systems Inc, the city's garbage collector, plans to test collection carts and biodegradable bags in a city park popular with dog walkers.
Construction worker (laborer), cowboy, dancer, fisherman, garbage collector, ironworker, lumberjack, roofer, seaman, and welder.
The garbage collector automatically ensures that memory is quickly recycled and memory loss due to fragmentation is prevented.
That's good news because wages from mines and smelters help pay the northern butcher, baker and city garbage collector.
Imagine an agent with a shingle on Main Street who might have to place insurance for a funeral director, a garbage collector, the local barber, he said.
The truth is we serve less purpose to the community than the garbage collector -Actor James Caan, who describes film- making as ``a sissified profession''.
Get rid of everything you're not emotionally attached to, and give it to Goodwill, a cousin or the garbage collector.
I hate them, I consider myself a garbage collector," Pilgrim says about the items the museum displays, "but it's still important to know about the Jim Crow period.
Chofu police said the cash, packed inside a bag, was found by a city garbage collector in a residential area in Kikunodai in the morning of Aug.
A garbage collector must coexist with an unbounded number of concurrent transactions running in parallel and must not adversely impact their ability to execute.