garbage collection

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the collection and removal of garbage

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The contract is concluded at a global price and lump sum for the cleaning of common parts and the discharge of garbage collection but also includes the same benefits on purchase orders in the case of the replacement of the caretaker.
Dustmen from all districts are holding meetings with their trade unions from Sek and Peo, in a bid to convince municipalities to proceed with clustering of garbage collection services instead of assigning the job to private companies.
He said it was unfortunate that there was no garbage collection system in 33 of the total 50 union councils.
Youth groups within their respective wards are encouraged to bid to undertake garbage collection.
COUNTY STAFFThe governor said that waste management in Nairobi would be handled at estate and ward levels with county staff taking charge of collecting the garbage from the bins and taking it to the official county dumpsites, adding that garbage collection is a duty of the county and not locals.
She called on the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to improve its garbage collection program, as tons of waste materials are expected to be collected after Christmas and New Year's celebrations.
The main issues of Karachi, he added, are over-population, traffic management, garbage collection and transportation.
The meeting discussed ways to overcome the garbage collection challenges in the Southern and Northern governorates.
We can take a decision only after the task of garbage collection has been completely taken over by be'ah.
BEIRUT: Five weeks ago, the closure of the Naameh landfill meant the abrupt suspension of garbage collection in Beirut and Mount Lebanon.
The garbage collection points have been constructed right next to residential areas.
HEBRON, February 19, 2015 (WAFA) -- Israeli forces Monday seized two garbage collection trucks belonging to Yatta town to the south of Hebron, said a municipal source.
Android apps require Java wherein it recycles released memory through garbage collection.
The tenders will include the construction of a primary school, street cleaning operations, garbage collection and transport to public dumps.
The legislation set the stage for every other week garbage collection that supposedly could provide more incentive for waste reduction, cut garbage truck traffic in neighborhoods by 20 percent, and reduce overall system costs by about $6 million annually.