garbage collection

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the collection and removal of garbage

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Monday, July 27Sukleen suspends garbage collection after Sibline residents protest against the trash being stored in their town.
Eftychiou also said that Lakatamia is the only municipality among the ten in Nicosia district that refuses to participate in a joint municipal service for garbage collection.
The whole garbage collection process needs restructuring and modernising, with a state-of-the-art incineration plant and collection service.
Since the garbage collection scheme operates independently from the OS, it works with both modern, TRIM-supporting systems such as Windows 7, as well as older legacy OS' such as Windows Vista and XP that do not support TRIM.
4 with support for concurrent multi-processor garbage collection technology.
Adding to the cost of trash pick-up could also induce some people to drop their garbage collection service, resulting in increased roadside dumping and other nuisances.
Common problems from loops and exceptions from threads to garbage collection are reviewed with an eye to identifying and covering the errors which most common trip up .
Stung by complaints from residents, the City Council called Monday for a study of costs related to garbage collection and promised to consult with neighborhood councils before it decides whether to impose a fee that would boost homeowners' trash bills by 233 percent.
The JamaicaVM supports INTEGRITY native threads and inter-process communication, and offers a runtime system for hard realtime applications through the use of the JamaicaVM's realtime garbage collection technology.
released a report in December suggesting that since suspending recycling, the Sanitation Department had reduced its garbage collection runs by less than 2 percent, the New York Times reports.
The burned-out household goods are part of the garbage collection that has piled up 10 meters high over a 5,000-square-meter land lot in the Ishihara district located adjacent to the garbage incinerator operated by Sakai Clean Center, a private garbage processing business.
One dumpster diver drove around affluent neighborhoods on garbage collection day.
The Government and the World Bank came to an agreement for the implementation of an ambitious project for the construction of potable water, sewage and garbage collection systems and infrastructure in resort areas nationwide, reports DR1 Daily News (April 25, 2000): The project has a price tag of US$120 million, most of which would be funded by the World Bank.