garbage can

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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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CONVEYING THE MESSAGE To begin, we brainstormed a class about conservation messages we wanted to on the garbage cans, and made a list on the board.
I don't understand why you don't put your garbage cans inside your garage instead of behind it so critters won't get into them in the first place.
I had jotted down those words after yet another visit to yet another big superstore and noting that the hottest designed product on the sales floor, the category that really got me all hot and bothered, was garbage cans.
Leah rolls the garbage can to the middle of the street; again she looks up toward the window, leaning an elbow on the metal cover of the can.
Store garbage cans in a secure place such as a garage, rather than storing them on a porch.
So right now," he says, "we're all trying to figure out what parameters make the garbage can so good"--such as its geometry or shock-wave propagation dynamics.
Garbage cans overflow in the days after Christmas, but much of the waste is recyclable.
The village also is asking residents not to blow snow into the street and to place garbage cans at least four feet behind the back of the curb.
The 190 degree heated water and 3500 psi pressure washers are designed to leave your garbage cans sparkling clean.
Local law reinforcers do their best to try and keep the bears out of garbage cans and out of trouble for the most part.
Wind can blow the lightweight bags out of garbage cans and into sewers, streets, and parks.
Overall, researchers found that staff as well as parents at the center followed proper hand-washing procedures only 22 percent of the time before or after tasks such as wiping noses, emptying garbage cans and changing diapers.
From overflowing garbage cans and wheelie bins, discarded pop cans, booze bottles, fast food wrappings, cigarette butts and other unspeakable remnants of human waste.
row of garbage cans and the blooming rhododendron is not your father,
It has been barricaded by plastic garbage cans in the central streets of the city.