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Yesterday I paid that boy Jimmy from down the street to stand next to my garbage cans and roll Three's old bowling ball across the backyard so I could shoot at it from the roof of the garage," I said.
Only the grating sound the garbage can makes is still audible, gradually becoming more distant.
Does your city have regulations about leaving garbage cans at the curb on days when garbage is not picked up?
He began to experiment with paint cans and garbage cans, trying to reproduce the sounds of an orchestra with everyday metal objects.
We have no garbage cans or shelter houses at our RV parks.
We moved the garbage cans out of the garage and the mouse problem improved, but it never disappeared entirely.
He described using garbage cans in acts of sabotage and targeting the cleaning companies' workers as an abominable terror act.
Incidentally, where in the chancel would one place the garbage cans for the reverent disposal of one's paper cup?
Several people suggested the money should finance bike lanes, more public benches and garbage cans along main thoroughfares.
Signs, benches and garbage cans will be installed, the kiosk will be refurbished and forestry work will be undertaken.
In this first phase of a multi-year project, the city is installing 175 recycling containers next to the garbage cans on the downtown transit mall.
Announcing the planning for this grand scheme, he said that Quetta would be divided into seven segments, and appealed to traders community to help maintain the cleanliness in the City, by using fixed garbage cans for all garbage.
Garbage cans went up and a tree hit one like a bat on a ball.
In Marseille, home to many Algeria supporters, youths also set fire to vehicles and burned garbage cans after Saturday's match.
The plan involves using smart cards and 'intelligent' garbage cans to successfully use information technology to create a sustainable future for the next generation.