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Clandestine searches of their belongings and laptops are also carried out to identify useful documents and information, Garb said.
Some leaders of the Muslim community in France who object to the ban on religious garb say they will
For Garb, there's a more American college look on the way with preppy style zip-up tops, lots of denim, caps and even dungarees.
On June 25th, Judge Schwab issued a detailed "memorandum opinion" in which he ruled that the state religious garb statute did not apply to Nichol (and would be unconstitutional even if it did), and that ARIN had no authority to broaden the law's scope to include her or other non-teachers.
This is the place for the African-inspired bride to find modern interpretations of ancient garb from Egypt, as well as contemporary designs with understated African references.
Opening the way for public protest has been the region's turn toward democracy, prompting activists to seize on the powerful combination of instant worldwide communications, moral high ground and colorful native garb.
Dolled up in kente cloth and flowing African garb, Mozella Perry Ademiluyi roamed Howard University's campus, where her fellow classmates grilled her about places to shop for ethnic fashions.
62 times (x) net debt to cash flow available for debt service (CFADS) on the GARB lien.
8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Further to our Shareholder update December 10, 2012; Garb Oil & Power Corporation (USOTC: GARB) has identified two, suitable locations to develop an e-Waste treatment center in the Las Vegas, Nevada Metropolitan area (MSA).
Summary: SHARJAH -- A total of 31 man-missing cases were reported at Sharjah's Al Garb Police Station during last five 
months, an official of the Sharjah Police said.
ISLAMABAD, December 18, 2009 (Balochistan Times ): The National Assembly Standing Committee for Human Rights has expressed its deep concern over the recent spate of extra -judicial killings of innocent citizens, under the garb of war against terrorism.
By a 494-to-36 vote, the National Assembly approved a measure that would bar religious garb, which has been defined by government officials and an advisory commission to include Islamic head scarves, large Christian crosses and Jewish skullcaps.
In addition to feasting on traditional foods such as curry stews and Birani rice, visitors watched dances, listened to live music, shopped for Indian garb and jewelry, and stopped by dozens of booths.
According to an Amnesty International report from the early 1990s, approximately 30,000 North Koreans were interned in camps scattered across the Siberian wilderness, sleeping in primitive barracks and clad in prison garb.