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an outdoor sale of used personal or household items held on the seller's premises

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When people say we live and breathe garage sales, they are not far from the truth.
During the Honda Dream Garage sales event at Serra Honda, participating drivers can buy or lease a number of different vehicles.
Of course, garage sales are hardly new to "our crowd," and many of the most prominent professional persons in town, particularly women, are addicts and have been for years.
We're seeing overall growth in garage sales from this time last year and no doubt that is due to Craigslist users keen to de-clutter their homes and fatten their wallets during this troublesome economy," said spokeswoman Susan MacTavish Best.
Susan adds: "The garage sales were great because we didn't have to go anywhere.
The goal was not to stop garage sales, but to stop those that were adversely affecting neighborhoods," said commercial services bureau manager Chris Davis.
As the game evolves, you can buy larger pieces of property so that you can have even bigger houses to have even bigger garage sales.
March 27, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- O'Neill Honda is kicking off the spring season with the Honda Dream Garage Sales Event, featuring deals on a variety of new vehicles.
Garage sales are a hallmark of spring and by organizing a neighborhood sale, sellers and bargain hunters alike can mark their calendars for the ultimate garage sale experience.
David Hirsch used to hold garage sales, tedious daylong affairs that netted him a few bucks and the occasional sunburn.
The whole idea behind garage sales is to find a good deal, and bargains ranged from deadbolt locks going for $2 each to 5-gallon drums of rose blush paint, a light pink hue, that could be yours for $25.
Years from now, when these baubles and trinkets start appearing at garage sales, secondhand shops, and cyberspace auction houses, another generation will wonder what this encryption WWJD stands for.
Naturally, the show documents all the important stages in Rosler's work: the Garage Sales of 1973 and 1977; groundbreaking projects like "If You Lived Here.
com, a new site designed to help people earn extra money by selling their unwanted items at their own garage sales.