garage sale

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an outdoor sale of used personal or household items held on the seller's premises

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The Green City Market Culinary Garage Sale is more of a "treasure sale" and will feature items such as:
The garage sale of new and old things is a popular practice in the Western countries.
So, it was with no small amount of grousing, sulking, and slamming our stuff around one last time that I agreed to participate in our neighborhood garage sale a few weeks ago.
He said the personal items were purchased from Mount Dora resident Christina Werner, who bought the things from the garage sale run by Casey's guardians, George and Cindy Anthony, last summer.
With the Winter Garage Sale, the company said its residential customers can receive a 10% discount on all round-trips booked through to 15 March 2012.
If you want to raise some cash for the more costly summer activities, a garage sale is a simple and free way to muster up some extra pounds.
I'm just a regular citizen holding a normal garage sale to clear out a load of old junk and raise money for charity," he said.
I guess everybody has warm and fuzzy memories of their most spectacular garage sale purchases, and I'm no exception.
But I will not linger on that and add on to the multiple complaints but instead want to take this opportunity to notify anyone who is interested that I will be having a garage sale at my villa, and almost everything has to go.
Garage sale listings on Craigslist in Los Angeles have grown from 4,933 in May 2007 to 7,056 in May 2008.
99) may look small, but it's meant for take-it-along consultation, whether it be travel to a flea market, model train show, or garage sale.
We'd held a garage sale once before which had proved successful so we cleared out the garage, laid out trestle tables, stuck price tags on our goods and put up posters letting people know.
Great Falls Area Montana Student Nurses Association (MSNA) organized a garage sale and worked hard to make it happen.