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Synonyms for garage


service station

Synonyms for garage

an outbuilding (or part of a building) for housing automobiles

a repair shop where cars and trucks are serviced and repaired

keep or store in a garage

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I'm a young 62 and I don't think I should be without a garage,' said Mr Morgan, who took early retirement last year from the Calsonic radiator factory in Llanelli.
The garage was designed by Gruzen Samton LLP, the leading architectural firm whose Jamaica Center projects include the U.
Dream Garage Dallas has transformed the common garage into a museum for the car collector's art on wheels," said Ms.
At the same time, the owners of DIY Garage Door Parts also realize that most homeowners do not know how to repair a garage door.
Elite Garage Doors specializes in garage door installation, repair and service for high end homes with prices ranging from $500,000 and above although they are prepared to help any homeowner or business looking for garage door service.
One garage we finished recently, the owner gave my favorite exclamation, 'I have a sexy garage
Chapter Nine Garage Door Openers Marketing Channels Analysis
Superior Garage Doors is a local garage door service serving Atlanta and surrounding areas.
The aim is not just to seek out the best but to show that there are garages throughout Britain that can give motorists peace of mind.
The Golden Garages competition will champion the best garages out there so that motorists can be confident when taking their car for a service or repair.
Every Saturday morning, their garage door would go up, and anyone in the neighborhood was welcome to take whatever they needed.
It soon became clear that the highest and best value for the owners was to sell the garage once it could be separated from the hotel given the extremely strong desire on the part of many garage operators to own their locations.
One of the most influential clubs in the history of dance music, the Garage placed the spotlight firmly where it belonged: on the entire dance-floor experience, especially the music.
An organized garage helps to eliminate stress," remarked David R.
5, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- DIY Garage Door Parts, a company that sells garage door parts that allow DIY'ers to fix their own garage doors, has just created a brand new help center on their website that helps teach people how to repair a garage door.