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primitive predaceous North American fish covered with hard scales and having long jaws with needlelike teeth

elongate European surface-dwelling predacious fishes with long toothed jaws

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When they bolt through brushy or timbered habitats, gar can snap off standard fiberglass arrows.
Additional information on Gar Wood Securities, LLC is available at www.
After wrestling with my own big gar two years earlier, I had made a "gar getter" for just such an occasion, but in the frenzy we forgot to use it
Overall it estimates GAR costs generally reduced the value of pension policies by up to five per cent and life policies by up to 4.
GARs will also be able to use their fund to buy an annuity from other pension providers, or to buy other products from the societyl.
Garfield Arthur Wood, or Gar Wood, was Unlimited hydroplane racing's first true superstar.
06 billion pensions liability after it lost a legal battle in the House of Lords over the rights of GAR policyholders.
First of its kind venture with New York/Chicago broker dealer, Gar Wood Securities, LLC
COLEG SIR GAR have just returned from a 10-day visit to Japan where they competed in the Sanix World Tournament against some of the world's best rugby-playing schools.
Yesterday's decision opened the way for a further pounds 250 million cash injection from Halifax, which last year bought Equitable's operations for pounds 500 million and promised the extra tranche if a compromise deal with GAR policyholders was in place by March 1.
The lowering of the ratings relates specifically to the potential of the company to selectively default on some of its contractual obligations to policyholders, notably the GAR policyholders, if the proposal is implemented following policyholder approval.
Equitable had been expected to offer GARs an increase of around 20pc of the value of the policy, but this figure is now expected to be lower as non-GAR policyholders are also likely to be entitled to compensation.
NEW YORK -- Gar Wood Securities, LLC taps industry veteran John McCorvey III as Senior Vice President of its Global Prime Brokerage business unit to spearhead the expansion of the firm's Capital Introduction service, and to ensure that Gar Wood's prime brokerage offering continues to effectively address (and anticipate) the needs of its core hedge fund clientele.
McConnell, like other historians of male ritual, organizes his history of the GAR by examining the places and activities that set them apart from other men--the Post Room, the parade ground, and the National Encampment.