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having widely spaced teeth

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Arthur Robins, well-known for manic illustrations in books like Bertie was a Watchdog and the 'Seriously Silly' books by Laurence Anholt, produces even more manic cartoons that show wonderfully bristly and gap-toothed pirates who are not too scary, and we are promised that if we keep the secret we can be pirates, too.
Wasn't it mere days ago she was reciting that poem, gap-toothed, in front of the middle school classroom?
Will they remain happy when they discover a gap-toothed yokel kills them in the "traditional" way with a handcrafted oak pick-axe handle?
Some of the pillows can even be customized with your little gap-toothed child's name.
Scrawny, gap-toothed 11-year-old Tommie is only acting on a dare from her friends when she approaches David Lamb, a 54-year-old in the grip of a mid-life crisis.
The only inhabitant she meets is Broxo, a scruffy, gap-toothed boy who calls himself the king, speaks in broken English, and hunts with his oversize pet, Migo--all the while avoiding the "creepers," walking dead who rise out of the nearby lake.
bar] VEN if you're a champion advert avoider like me you'll still have noticed the relatively sudden appearance of gap-toothed models gracing our screens and billboards.
When most people think of the perks of teaching, an image that comes to mind is a shiny apple presented by a gap-toothed pupil.
The trend follows the Western fondness of late for the gap-toothed smile - also a 'young' dental look, she added.
He provides the voice for a souped-up motor which has the familiar gap-toothed Hamilton grin on its its radiator grille.
elevator, the gap-toothed grin of the Dairy Queen, found myself abruptly
He ordered gap-toothed Smith, of Tanycoed Street, Penrhiwceiber, should serve a minimum of 17 years before being considered for parole.
Treadwell, 24, had Clare Balding to thank for the sudden interest from the dental profession in his gap-toothed appearance after the presenter, in her post-race interview, urged him to smile, saying: "Just give us a grin for the camera.
When I asked about how his wife and son felt about this, he merely said, with his gap-toothed grin, that she knew what she was getting into.
View From My Window three hours ago is a brooding image of Liverpool's gap-toothed skyline which joins tens of top draw images using the same subject matter.