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surgical reconstruction or replacement of a malformed or degenerated joint

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Gap arthroplasty at least 1cm to prevent reankylosis (6) was advocated by Abbe in 1880, and refined by Risdon in 1934.
Comparison of Gap Arthroplasty With and Without a Temporalis Muscle Flap for the Treatment of Ankylosis.
Treatment comprised gap arthroplasty, removal of the deformed meniscus and condylar fragment, and replacement of interpositional material with alloplastic material of Silastic.
sup][9] Gap arthroplasty and interpositional arthroplasty under general nasotracheal anesthesia was subsequently recommended.
Gap arthroplasty was the foremost technique used and some surgeons still advocate it to be the treatment of choice as they have achieved good results with it.
5) recommended a gap of at least 15 mm between the recountoured glenoid fossa and the mandible and subjected this gap to extensive active jaw opening exercises to prevent re-ankylosis when using gap arthroplasty.
Temporalis fascia was interposed between the articular surfaces in this case for its proven advantage over gap arthroplasty in avoiding recurrence5.
Moorthy and Finch1 broadly classified the usual treatment of ankylosis of the tem- poromandibular joint in three groups: a) Condylectomy b) Gap arthroplasty c) Interpositional arthroplasty.
Temporomandibular joint ankylosisexperience with interpositional gap arthroplasty at Ayub Medical College Abbottabad.
Interpositional Gap Arthroplasty was found highly effective and safe surgical management option for temporomandibular joint with acceptable immediate and long term outcome, particularly when temporalis fascia or muscle and iliac crest grafts were used for adults and costochondral grafts with fascia interposition used for children.
Thirty patients were treated by gap arthroplasty (group A), while thirty patients by disc interpositional arthroplasty (group B).
Comparison of gap arthroplasty and interpositional gap arthroplasty on the temporomandibular joint ankylosis.
Key words: Temporomandibular joint ankylosis, Road traffic accident (RTA) Maxillomandibular fixation (MMF), Gap arthroplasty, Disc interposioning.
Gap arthroplasty with disc interpositioning was performed in patients with established complication of temporomandibular joint ankylosis.