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Synonyms for gaoler

someone who guards prisoners

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Granted your worship may order me to be taken to prison, and to have irons and chains put on me, and to be shut up in a cell, and may lay heavy penalties on the gaoler if he lets me out, and that he obeys your orders; still, if I don't choose to sleep, and choose to remain awake all night without closing an eye, will your worship with all your power be able to make me sleep if I don't choose?
I know that the account of this kind of solitary imprisonment is insufferably tedious, unless there is some cheerful or humorous incident to enliven it--a tender gaoler, for instance, or a waggish commandant of the fortress, or a mouse to come out and play about Latude's beard and whiskers, or a subterranean passage under the castle, dug by Trenck with his nails and a toothpick: the historian has no such enlivening incident to relate in the narrative of Amelia's captivity.
Am I to understand, Sir Percival, that your wife's room is a prison, and that your housemaid is the gaoler who keeps it?
Take care my gaoler hasn't got double duty to do--take care your room is not a prison too.
Visitors can meet the gaoler and deputy warden as they send prisoners to the dungeon, find out what sort of punishments prisoners received in the Middle Ages, and see the reality of life in the Borders during the 1500s as family raided family.
A warder noticed, retrieved the letter, reported her to the gaoler and O'Connor received three days on a restricted diet.
In 1904, for example, the Wanganui Gaoler reported that the state of the female division was driving him to distraction.
So as she posed for a photograph with the Yeoman Warders (Beefeaters), Yeoman Gaoler John Keohane made sure the sharper edge was placed away from the Monarch.
LAST week was a happy/sad experience at The Knights as JARVIS HUMBY and GRAHAM DAY AND THE GAOLERS provided the final epic soundtrack of the summer at this great little venue.
GRAHAM DAY AND THE GAOLERS will be having lock down on Teesside tonight.
TICKETS have gone on sale for a gig at the Knights in Middlesbrough a week tomorrow by the mighty GRAHAM DAY AND THE GAOLERS.